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   Chapter 115 The Unexpected Helper

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The four people gathered together and whispered to each other.

"Nigel, what do you think of the bodily movement skill of that little guy?" Lyle asked.

At that moment, Elton and Lois also looked at Nigel waiting for his response.

Nigel frowned and answered, "His bodily movement skill is quite unusual. I must say that I won't be able to catch him up. But his weakness is his low cultivation base, so I can still defeat him in a second."

"In this case, Nigel, do you think you can make provision against his spiritual sense attack?"

Lyle asked him again.

"To tell you honestly, there's nothing I can do about his spiritual sense attack. How can we deal with it when it's invisible?

Fortunately, this guy's spiritual sense is not too strong to be a threat to us since we are in the Earth Realm. He can only distract our minds. So, he's still no match for us," Nigel replied.

"You're right!"

Lyle said and suddenly laughed out complacently.

"What's so funny, Lyle?"

Lois was puzzled and asked.

"An unexpected helper! This guy can be our unexpected helper!"

Lyle suddenly added.

"Guys, killing Scott will be a tough job for us. We will probably fail if we are not careful enough. If that happens, we would certainly die here in the outer part of the Grand Desolation Mountain.

If we have extra help, we have a better chance! This guy is special. At only the seventh level of the Energy Gathering Realm, he has such a quick bodily movement skill! Plus, he can give off spiritual sense and attack others with it! If we go against Scott with him, what will happen then?"

Lois was a smart woman. She instantly understood what Lyle meant.

"I see. Since Scott is so arrogant, he will probably not pay any attention to this little guy. But he will never expect that the little guy can move his body so quickly and can attack others with his spiritual sense.

If Scott's mind is disturbed, we will surely succeed in killing him! With this little guy, there

lot if you join us! After we kill Scott, anything we give you will be enough for you and even beyond your imagination!"

After she finished talking, Lois helped Austin stand up.

"You poor little guy. Are you hurt?"

Lois' body gave off a good smell like orchid or muskiness. She spoke gently and her motion was slow. Her soft body slightly touched Austin's arm. She was so charming and elegant that even an iron-hearted man could be attracted and turned soft by her in a moment.

However, Austin clearly knew that Lois was a slut. In his eyes, this woman was not only pretentious but also actually as dirty as mud.

He felt goosebumps all over his body. Reluctantly, he said to her, "Okay. It must be my lucky day to meet you guys here! Count me in! I'll go with you to kill Scott!"

"Good! Now, time to go!"

Lois smiled with satisfactory.

The four had regarded Austin as weak, simple-minded, and afraid of death. It was so easy to convince him into joining them in exchange for a reward.

But Austin had his own plans in mind, 'When they are fighting with Scott, I will just stand by and watch. If something bad happens, I will run as quickly as possible. If both sides are badly hurt, I will have all the advantages. Guess I have the best plan!'

Soon, Austin left with the group to hunt down Scott.

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