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   Chapter 114 Two Dogs Strive For A Bone And A Third Runs Away With It

Rebirth of Martial God By Changdu Characters: 9759

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'Violet, can you hear me?'

At this point, Austin was reminded of his helping hand. He called Violet in his mind with his spiritual power.

'I'm here, Master. I've been cultivating my energies. Why didn't you call me earlier?'

Violet's voice came from the Illusion Bead. She seemed to have some idea of what was going on outside. She then continued, 'These four cultivators are very powerful. One of them is at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm, and the other three are medium. I am clearly no match for them. Even if I used my illusion skills, I could only bewitch them for a while, but it wouldn't buy you too much time. Considering our comprehensive strength, it's only wishful thinking to defeat them.'

Violet estimated the situation and gave her impression of the situation to Austin.

'We don't have to defeat them. We only need to escape from them. And all you must do is buy me some time,' said Austin in return.

'I can confuse them for a few seconds. But, Master, never underestimate the cultivators at the medium stage of Earth Realm. They can use their energy to form an avatar to attack the enemy from miles away. They are capable of things that you can't even think of, '

said Violet with extreme worry.

Austin reasoned, 'The worst that can happen to me here is death. If I want to survive, we must take the risk. Can you cut off this rope on my feet? The Ghost Shadow Rope?'

"Yes, I can, Master, ' Violet gave a positive answer.

'Good. I will distract them with Spiritual Sense Flying Needles, while you cut the rope off my feet and confuse them with illusion skills. Then we'll flee at the highest speed. Oh, I almost forgot. Are you able to follow my speed?'

Austin suddenly thought of Violet's safety problems.

Violet felt very grateful and her heart warmed up by Austin's words because her master treated her so nicely. She answered, 'Don't worry, Master. Nine tail demon foxes like me are good at illusion skills and we move very quickly. Although I am no match for these four men, I am able to escape them.'

'Well, then, it's settled! Let's wait for that one to move a little closer.'

Austin felt assured and started to discuss with Violet about the routes to escape.

"Hey you, asshole! I initially planned to give you a quick merciful death, but since you dared to use your stupid bodily movement skill to escape, you'll face the wrath of a cultivator at the Earth Realm! I will skin you alive then I'll feed you to my dogs!"

roared Nigel as he pulled Austin towards him.

Suddenly, Austin moved. He darted a Spiritual Sense Flying Needle towards Nigel, wringing it in his brain that caused great pain in his soul.

As Austin planned, a sudden pain penetrated Nigel. A shiver ran down his spine as he felt the thing breaking his mind. His heart sunk as he tried to force it out.

As he stumbled in pain, his killing intent disintegrated.


tin's spiritual sense attacks were intangible and unpredictable. It was difficult to guard against and impossible to dodge from. It was the best skill to attack and disturb the enemies.

It could be the best skill to use in their combat with Scott. The only reason Lyle was befriending him was that he wanted Austin to aid them in the combat. When they attacked Scott, he wanted Austin to help disturb Scott's mind.

In battles between the master cultivators, even the slight negligence could lead to fatal consequences. And if Scott was distracted, they would have a great chance to win.

Austin sneered inside and decided to wait and see.

He then told Violet, 'Violet, wait for my signal. Let's see what they'll do.'

Austin was also coveting the loots they mentioned. The collection included a dozen of medium-grade spiritual weapons, one top-grade spiritual weapon, a skill book of seventh grade martial arts skill, and a hundred thousand or more vital energy crystals.

When he had heard them talking about that powerful cultivator named Scott and his friend Barbara, he knew he was no match for them nor to loot the treasure from them.

But now he had the opportunity. If these four men were to hunt Scott and fight him for the treasures, it would be difficult to tell who would score a success.

And if both sides sank, he might gain some benefit from the result. As an old saying went, "Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it."

'I'd better take the risk. Anyway, I don't think I can escape from them anymore. I've already used my spiritual sense attack on them. And if I attack them again, they would certainly be prepared.

Now, it would be better for me to follow them to Scott. Maybe, I can get my hands on that exciting treasure. Like always, opportunities come from danger.'

Austin had always been brave, rational and consistent. And after weighing his options, he had made his decision.

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