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   Chapter 113 The Price You Pay For Eavesdropping

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Being one of the key disciples of Peripatetic Sect, Gilbert had awe-inspiring strength. Over the years, he also accumulated a substantial fortune from his prestigious status.

He possessed a dozen of medium-grade spiritual weapons, one top-grade spiritual weapon, and a manual on a seventh-grade martial arts skill. Those items were certainly of great value.

"That seventh-grade martial arts skill is called Overlord Body-Refining Formula that can enhance the corporeal body. When a cultivator masters it, his or her body will be as strong as steel. And the cultivator's strength will be overwhelming, too.

The first chapter of the Overlord Body-Refining Formula introduces a potion that a cultivator must make before he starts practicing this skill. The potion requires a wide range of ingredients. The cultivator should gather all the ingredients and boil them in water in a furnace, and then bathe in it.

My elder brother was trying to collect those ingredients for many years. So far, he had found everything except for the sap of the vigor tree.

However, Scott poisoned my older brother and took away the manual of the Overlord Body-Refining Formula. Then, he came to this Grand Desolation Mountain with that bitch Barbara when he learned that there were some vigor trees growing here.

That's why I brought the three of you here. I hope you can help me work out a plan to kill that Scott!

Now that I've told you everything, it's up to you if you'd like to help me.

If you assist me, I will be more than willing to share those treasures with you. You can have three-fifths of them, while I take two-fifths.

And I promise, after we kill Scott, you can have me as you like. What do you say?"

Upon hearing that tantalizing offer, the three men were suddenly intrigued. They could not help but lick their parched lips and measured up Lois's well-developed desirable figure.

Then, Nigel shouted out of the blue. "Deal! Damn it! No pain, no gain. I'm not a guy who's afraid of getting into trouble. Whatever, you can count me in!"

Elton and Lyle both agreed. "Great then, it's settled!" exclaimed Lois.

After finally talking the three men into it, she was quite overjoyed.

She then gave a broad smile, "Perfect! Now, let's waste no time. We'd better set off for that area with vigor trees at once!"

Elton, the one who had the least control over his lust, suddenly grabbed Lois's pl

so fast?"

When the four saw Austin's astonishingly brisk movements, they were all taken aback and could not help but exclaim with surprise.

However, just as Austin slipped through the gap between two opponents and was about to break through the blockade, something unexpected happened.

"Ghost Shadow Rope!"

Nigel abruptly gave a howl before making a quick grab on Austin. Simultaneously, a set of menacing yellow vital energy shot out from his palm. It instantly turned into a long rope and twined around Austin's feet.

All at once, Austin's ankles were reined tightly by a powerful force. He was trapped like a helpless swimmer who got entangled by water plants.

'Vital energy materialization?" Austin gasped.

When a cultivator reached the Earth Realm, his vital energy could leave the body and attack. Varied combat techniques came with vital energy in different shapes.

By comparison, a warrior at the Energy Gathering Realm could never separate his vital energy from his body. The most he could manage was to attach the vital energy to his weapons.

Hence, the ability to separate and substantialize the vital energy was the symbol of cultivators at the Earth Realm.

"Planning to escape? How could you a silly kid at the Energy Gathering Realm escape the four Earth Realm warriors just like that?"

Nigel snorted, feeling quite smug about their power.

"Get back!"

With a flick, that vital energy string controlled by Nigel hauled Austin back. Austin fell heavily onto the ground. He was rather woolly-headed, and his vital energy also became disordered by the sudden change.

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