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   Chapter 112 An Eye For An Eye

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Lois started to cry uncontrollably.

"I need your help! It's Scott. I thought he loved me, but he cheated on me!"

"That's bullshit! Did you really think he loved you?"

a man butted in.

"Lois, when he pursued you to be his woman, everyone knew that Scott only wanted one thing from you–the support of your brother, Gilbert."

He continued," Gilbert is the core disciple of our Peripatetic Sect. His cultivation base has reached the advanced level of the Earth Realm. He is the number one among the young talents in Peripatetic Sect and perhaps in the whole Violet Orchid Empire. Everyone knows that you are the most important person in your brother's life!"

The Peripatetic Sect!

Austin was startled as the group turned out to be disciples from the Peripatetic Sect. No wonder they had such solid strength.

Within the Violet Orchid Empire, there were five major sects, namely:

the Peripatetic Sect, the Flaming Sun Valley, the Joy Gang, the Bloody Hero Gang, and the Sun Sect.

Peripatetic Sect was the most powerful in terms of its strength. It was the only super sect in the Violet Orchid Empire. It ranked number one among the five sects.

The Flaming Sun Sect outranked another three sects and came second in the empire in terms of strength and power.

On the other hand, the Joy Gang, the Bloody Hero Gang, and the Sun Sect were equal in terms of strength and power. Each of these sects had the power to limit or check the other two and this created a balance between their individual powers.

At that moment, the man who stood under the tree continued," That bastard Scott, after he got you, he received favors from Gilbert and gained a lot of benefits from it. Through the years, Gilbert has provided him with countless resources for practice."

"But when Gilbert died off an illness, things have changed. He left you and quickly moved on with that bitch Barbara. That is why he is the number one love rat in the world. Everyone in the Peripatetic Sect thinks he's a jerk. But we can't just tell you those things. This is your personal matter and we have no right to interfere."

Hiding at the tree, Austin raised his eyebrows when he heard this. 'Their relationship is surely complicated. Gaining money by cheating, climbing up the career by relying on other's power and influence. Interesting!' Austin thought.

Suddenly, Lois interrupted the man.

"Brothers, we have known each other for a long time. My brother Gilbert was good to you when he was alive. Now, I have been abandoned by Scott like I am rubbish. And I wanted to take my revenge on Scott for all the things he had done to me! I was hoping you could help me kill Scott."


The three men gasped with astonishment.

"Lois, Scott 's cultivation base has reached the peak of the middle-level of the Earth Realm. Moreover, his spirit of martial arts is so strong that he is able to comprehend the level three blade intent. We are clearly no match for him,"

one man said with

great grandfather was a master of the Imperial Realm."

"Imperial Realm?"

All the men, including Austin, were shocked upon hearing it.

According to legends, the Imperial Realm was a supreme level which could enable the cultivator to control the forces of nature, and even to shake the heaven and earth.

Lois's great grandfather turned out to be a master of Imperial Realm. That was an amazing new discovery!

"I swear it's true! My family had been very prosperous. It just declined because of some misfortunes. And it was only my brother and me in the family now.

But there is a secret manual about the martial art that was handed down from our ancestors. It comes with a dozen of middle-grade spiritual weapons and a top-grade spiritual weapon. Although I have never studied the manual, the outline of the book says it is the seventh grade martial art."

A dozen of middle-grade spiritual weapons and a top-grade spiritual weapon, and a secret manual about the seventh grade martial art!

These were the things that they had only heard in legends. The three men were not able to say a word, but their eyes glimmered with greed.

"These things have always been kept by my brother. But the secret slipped out when I got drunk with Scott. I didn't expect that he would be so unscrupulous. He found a highly toxic poison and poisoned my brother and took the spiritual weapons and the secret manual."

The three men turned to one another with the same expression of dawning comprehension, and surprise after the whole story sank in.

"Besides, as a core disciple of the Peripatetic Sect, my brother has accumulated a fortune of more than one hundred thousand vital energy crystals over the years. But now, all the spiritual weapons, the secret manual, and the vital energy crystals were taken away by Scott."

The men's cheeks were aflame upon hearing Lois. Their breathing became faster and they exchanged glances. They each saw the endless greed in one another's eyes.

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