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   Chapter 111 Even Heroes Fall At The Hands Of A Beautiful Woman

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After resting for a while, Austin started his journey again. He was more determined to cultivate and become stronger.

At noon of the following day, Austin found a dense sheltered forest.

He scanned it and suddenly sensed something dangerous.

He immediately hid on a hill outside the dense forest, gazing afar over the sky of the forest and looked very stern.

He saw huge black figures hovering over the sky of that dense forest. These figures were spiraling above him closely, roaring clamorously. At once, the entire dense forest was shrouded by something ruthless and fierce.

The huge figures were level-three blue-scaled eagles.

He hurriedly took the map out from his pocket. And as he thought, the forest was indeed the habitat of blue-scaled eagles. He accidentally came here because of his carelessness and negligence.

From what Austin knew, blue-scaled eagles were sturdy, strong, and powerful. They were covered with feathers which were as hard as steel that they used them for defense.

They attacked their opponents by using their sharp claws and feathers. They were even able to easily tear irons and rocks.

Some senior cultivators estimated that a blue-scaled eagle could attack and prey their quarries when it dived to their targets. With the aid of their sharp claws and wings, these blue-scaled eagles were dreadful like nightmares.

The blue-scaled eagles were ferocious social animals. They would usually swarm forward when they encountered their prey.

Even the senior cultivators at the Earth Realm of vital energy were reluctant to get close to a flock of over thirty blue-scaled eagles.

"Damn it! There are more than twenty blue-scaled eagles in the sky. If I go inside that forest, I will surely die instantly when they all approach me. For sure, I will be shredded into pieces!" Austin mumbled to himself.

Staring at the blue-scaled eagles flying over that dense forest, Austin got a little flurried and anxious.

While lost in his own thoughts, he suddenly heard a shrieking scream. A blue-scaled eagle was flying towards Austin's position.

'What the hell? Did they spot me?' thought Austin.


is, I bet this place is special for you. Did you have sex with Scott here?"

Although this man had a deep voice, he appeared to be cunning and mean as he spoke obscenely.

His face was even filled with delight as he talked to the woman.

It seemed that for him, saying dirty words to a pretty girl was a great pleasure.

Without getting angry with his words at all, Lois replied frivolously and affectionately to that man," Elton, I told you already. Scott and I already broke up. I hate him more than anyone. You have no reason to be jealous."

The woman chuckled.

At that moment, another man chided in," Lois, why did you bring us here? Come on, just tell us and let's be done here."

The bright smile on the woman's face suddenly vanished. Her charming face immediately looked pitiful and miserable. At last, her eyes turned red and tears suddenly fell down her cheeks.

"Hey, Lois, what's wrong?" all the men in the group asked at the same time. Their voices sounded concerned. Their instinctive masculine desires for protecting weak women showed.

Austin, who was still hiding on the top of the tree, couldn't help smiling. This woman had tricked the three men with her acting skills. They were totally under her control.

It was funny that these three strong men could be easily tricked by the woman.

Anyway, only on-lookers could see the real score of the game. Even heroes fall at the hands of a beautiful woman.

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