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   Chapter 110 The Area Of Level-three Diabolic Beasts

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He could hide calmly and hit back even under numerous attacks. We underestimated him in the beginning, Matthew said with a serious face.

"I think his greatest advantage is the powerful bodily movement skill he has mastered," one of the men who fought Austin earlier said.

"He can appear from nowhere in the jungle with his bodily movement skill," he added.

"No, because he also has two mysterious spiritual weapons. They appear divinely and vanish demonically without any trace," the other one objected.

Then he added," And, judging from my experience--they're at least middle-grade spiritual weapons."

"Middle-grade spiritual weapons!"

The other men had greedy expressions upon hearing Matthew's words. It was rare for a cultivator of the Energy Gathering Realm to have a low-grade spiritual weapon, of either level two or three.

Even only a few cultivators of the Earth Realm had middle-grade spiritual weapons.

Now, nobody expected Austin had two middle-grade spiritual weapons at hand, and that would surely make others envious.

"The five of us should stick together. We'll hunt that boy together, and we'll join forces to attack as soon as we find him. I don't believe that the Blood Wolf Team can't defeat someone at level seven of the Earth Gathering Realm," Matthew hissed.

The rest of them nodded eagerly in obedience.

Meanwhile, Austin had calmly escaped from the clutches of the two members from the Blood Wolf Team. He had injured one of them, which worried Matthew. It seemed that Austin was quite a formidable foe.

If news spread that the Blood Wolf Team failed to kill someone at level seven of the Energy Gathering Realm, their reputation would be ruined, and the five members would have no place in the team.

Moreover, Austin had two middle-grade spiritual weapons. If they could kill him, they would get these rare weapons.

Thus, Matthew prioritized Austin's capture.

He even decided to merge with four other people--he really took Austin seriously.

"The guy has mastered the high-grade bodily movement skill, and he's very sensitive. The two of us hadn't approached him just a while ago, but it looked like he knew.

Now that he knows that we are tracking him, I think it's hard to find him again."

However, Matthew thought differently.

"Huh, don't worry. He can't escape from me," he sneered.

He waved his right sleeve, and then three tiny creatures jumped out.

The little critters let out small squeaks as they ran and sniffed the ground.

They looked like mice, and Matthew smirked as he observed them.

They were soul-chasing mice!

The other four members were delighted when they realized where the mice came from.

"Matthew, you've brought the soul-chasing mice here."

"Be at ease. We have three demonic beasts--soul-chasing mice. Austin will never escape from us."

Matthew snapped his fingers, and the mice seemed to obey an order. They carefully sniffed around the ground where Austin previously stood.

After quite a while, the three mice stopped smelling and rushed

meters away in time.

After a fierce fight, Austin ended up with some burnt skin on his hands and burnt sleeves. His arms were now like two black fire sticks.

The red striped diabolic leopard was finally killed under the attack of Twin Shadow Blades.

Later that day, Austin rested in a low-lying land for eight hours and reflected on all his experiences in battling diabolic beasts for the last few days.

Not only did he gain more than ten level-two and level-three beast cores, but also the fighting experience.

After he had rested, Austin was in extremely high spirits again.

However, he suddenly had a bad feeling. He felt as if several eyes were staring at him.

He then released his spiritual sense and checked within a range of four hundred meters, but there was nobody else.

He still had a strong feeling that he was being spied on.

He carefully checked again and made sure that nobody was around.

Austin wondered if it was an illusion because he was too tired.

He couldn't figure it out, so he helplessly shook his head with a bitter smile.

At that exact moment more than ten miles away, five figures were walking in the forest--it was the five members of the Blood Wolf Team.

Suddenly, Matthew stopped in his tracks.

"Austin... Austin has been found."

"What!? Where?! Where is he?"

"Tell us!" others demanded to know.

"This guy unexpectedly ran into the area with level-three diabolic beasts," Matthew said in surprise. The rest of them were shocked with the information as well.

"What? Is he in the area where the level-three diabolic beasts are on a rampage?"

They looked at each other confusedly and wondered why he was there. All of them were startled when they knew of Austin's location.

The weakest of the level-three diabolic beasts was equal to a cultivator at level eight or nine of the Energy Gathering Realm, and the powerful ones were even equal to those at the Earth Realm.

This guy really went to the area with level-three diabolic beasts. Was he courting death?

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