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   Chapter 109 The Blood Wolf Team (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5683

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His face was stone-cold as he waved the mace in his hand, and rushed towards Austin. Austin felt a gust of fierce wind that blew harshly on his face.

The man moved fairly quick even with his big body. The mace in his hand seemed weightless as he carried it.

Meanwhile, the man with a scar saw this and immediately turned his hand. A round cylinder appeared on his palm, and the head of the object had many holes, like a beehive.

The two guys' hearts seemed to be connected as they charged forward at the same time. As the mace lurched forward, the scar-faced guy raised the cylinder and waved his hand. More than ten short darts shot towards both sides of Austin.

The darts moved simultaneously and also looked like they were in sync with the others. The two men seemed to have planned this so well that Austin couldn't properly defend.

If Austin dodged to the left or right side, it would be hard for him to avoid the darts. If he stayed in the jungle, he would have to face the mace's attack.

The two men frequently did dangerous jobs and were much more experienced in fighting together. Their synchronization with each other was truly flawless.

Austin's face paled at their skills. 'These fugitives are much more powerful than the disciples of Sun Sect, ' he thought.

He took a deep breath and started his Wind-commanding Skill. He tried his best to move left or right to avoid the darts.

Suddenly, the large man's face twisted into a frown. He mentally sensed a great incoming danger.

He saw a black beam of light hit his chest in a second.

However, he was able to react quickly and evade death. His left hand immediately tried to grasp the black light with

k, ' Austin told himself.

While he thought about it, he used his Twin Shadow Blades again. Two beams of red and black light shot towards the two men respectively.

The two hideous men knew how powerful this skill was, so they took it seriously.

They concentrated hard to avoid them.

At that moment, Austin strode out, and he jumped ten meters away. He moved quickly like a ghost and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared from behind the tree.

'How can he be so fast?' the big man thought.

His eyes couldn't help but widen in surprise.

He then saw Austin in the distance, who was already more than ten meters away. The big man had never seen such a fast speed.

The scar-faced man was also astonished by what he saw. His eyes turned serious as he regarded Austin as an opponent who they couldn't just underestimate anymore.

A moment later, Matthew arrived together with the other two.

"What?! He's gone?! He ran away even before the both of you?" Matthew asked incredulously.

"Yes, Sir," the big man answered.

He then added, "I think all of us have underestimated that guy's cultivation base."

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