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   Chapter 106 Austin Strikes Back (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Changdu Characters: 7385

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The sun's rays passed through gaps among tree branches, creating numerous penlights on the ground of the dense forest. It made a beautiful scenery.

But Austin, who leaned against a sturdy branch near the top of one tree, hardly appreciated the view. He gently bit into a green root, and a faint bitter taste quickly spread inside his mouth.

From that angle, he saw five figures drawing closer to where he had taken as temporary cover.

When he could make them out clearly, Austin identified them as the five outer disciples following Billy.

When they reached the tree where Austin was hiding, two disciples who were at the tail end of the team suddenly stopped.

Alarmed, Austin thought, 'Have they seen me?'

Frowning slightly, he kept calm and shrank farther into the shadows of the tree's leaves and branches.

Then the vital energy in his body started to flow, and he prepared to launch an attack any time.

A voice jolted him.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing? Stop dilly-dallying!" one of the three disciples said loudly. They walked in front of the two now standing underneath Austin's hideout.

The two responded together just as loudly," You go ahead. We need to take a leak first!"

"Damn! I already warned you against being with whores from the Pink Delights House of Peace Town each time you're free. But you guys don't listen. Look at you now, urinating so frequently! You're probably suffering from kidney disorder!

Hurry up! Once you've relieved yourselves, catch up with us," the disciple in the lead said helplessly.

Once he finished admonishing them, he walked on with the two other disciples.

The two, who were left behind under the tree, looked around, saw no one, and quickly relieved themselves.

Hearing they just said and seeing what they were doing, Austin heaved a deep sigh of relief. Quietly, he cursed them for making him jittery.

After a while, he overheard their conversation. "Now, even Billy has to follow Marvin's commands?" one of them said in disbelief.

"Yeah, that's right. And Billy has no choice but to obey Marvin because he ranks fifth among all the outer disciples. In this world, it's the words of those with the b

n be sure I will kill you."

And since he wasn't going to take this disciple's life now, the Negative Shadow Blade that was on his hunter's throat received the order and disappeared.

The young cultivator turned around and strode to leave.

Meanwhile, the outer disciple who escaped death so easily was elated by his luck.

When he finally calmed down, he now saw that Austin's back was to him. Suddenly, his mind started to race. 'He can't see me now. That means his guard is down and I have a very good chance of killing him, ' he thought.

Smiling to himself, he mumbled, "If I killed him, it would mean a big achievement for me, and I could get a lot of rewards for it."

Before facing death earlier, this man was vicious, used to bullying male and female disciples weaker than him. But with the intent to kill forming in his mind, he no longer hesitated.

Quietly, he raised his saber, took two steps forward stealthily, and prepared to slash Austin's back.

Yet, he didn't know that Austin's spiritual sense had been monitoring his every move.

Sensing the villain was on the attack, Austin shook his head, drew his long sword, turned quickly, and pierced his enemy's belly with the tip of his weapon.

"Why did you have to force me to kill you?" Austin asked with a hint of sympathy.

The sword cutting through his belly was least expected. At once, he felt a sharp pain, and shortly after, he lost consciousness before finally succumbing.

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