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   Chapter 105 Time To Practice Fighting Skills (Part Two)

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So, he positioned his body carefully and slithered down a tree trunk without being seen.

After sliding down to the ground, he rushed silently towards the southeast direction of the forest using his Wind-commanding Skill.

Right that moment, a dozen of Billy's followers were scouring the woods searching for him.

One of the teenagers who scanned the area quickly suddenly saw a dim figure darting off.

"There he is!" he shouted.

His companions were immediately alerted.

They were excited to have tracked Austin, and immediately took up the chase, with weapons on hand.

"Oh, damn it!" Austin blurted out.

He was annoyed at being found and began to use the vital energy to move faster.

Then out of nowhere, a young man appeared in front of Austin.

Compared to Billy, his strength was a little weaker.

But he thought his cultivation base was not lower than that of Billy.

Standing face-to-face with Austin, the young man was not afraid at all and was even eager to fight the disciple to display his great strength.

Seeing Austin approaching him boosted his spirit, which made him jump out to block the fleeing disciple.

Raising his long sword, he shouted," Austin, are you ready to fight with me?"

His loud voice stopped Austin in his tracks. "What?"

He threw a cold look at the sword-bearing teenager.

Without another word, the teenager began to attack Austin with his sword, from which waves of vital energy kept flowing.

"You want to flee?

Well, you're leaving your head with us!"

The other young men running after him also bellowed.

"Stop him! Don't let him get away again!"

Armed with weapons, they attempted to surround Austin as quickly as possible.

Stuck in a dangerous situation, Austin made an important decision without hesitation. "First, I need to kill the guy in front of me. Then I can escape from this place successfully!"

Then he thought, 'I'm not sure whether I can defeat these people led by Billy. If Marvin and those five unknown men also come, I will certainly have no way to escape.'


In a flash, Austin stood at the side of the young man who was a dozen meters away from him using the Wind-commanding Ski

dawned on him why they kept running into Marvin.

"Yes! Austin is our common enemy. Billy, what do you say we cooperate with each other?

Let's hunt for him together," Marvin proposed.

He thought about it carefully. Although the level of strength in Billy's group was not high, there were a number of them. Marvin hoped these people could serve his purpose. At least, he could have them run errands and inquire and report any news to him.

"Okay!" Billy happily accepted the offer of alliance.

He believed that as long as they teamed up with Marvin's people, they didn't have to fear being defeated by Austin again.

"Well from now on, tell your people to follow my orders." Marvin declared.

His declaration stunned Billy that he was unable to speak.

He was well aware that the strength of Marvin and his followers was at a higher level. Although Billy didn't fully agree with what Marvin said, he still nodded in agreement.

The five members of Blood Wolf Team likewise entered the woods quietly.

They've been traveling around the country for a long time and often fought battles, which honed their powers of observation. So their team tended to be much more experienced in tracing a person's movements compared to the outer disciples of Sun Sect.

Soon, Matthew came across the tracks Austin left behind when he passed through the area.

"Let's break up into two groups. Once you guys find that boy, kill him without hesitation!" he ordered.

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