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   Chapter 104 Time To Practice Fighting Skills (Part One)

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The young man's cultivation base was only at level six of the Energy Gathering Realm, but his bodily movement skill was quite excellent. And this was the reason why he was first to catch up with Austin.

However, Austin's Spiritual Sense Flying Needle managed to disturb the young man's spiritual souls and enabled Austin to cut off his opponent's arms.

He screamed in agony, like a pig about to be butchered.

The screams jolted everyone who heard this.

But it was Austin who continued to amaze spectators because even after battling against four evil wolves for more than an hour, he was still terrifying in combat.

"Stop attacking him from all directions! We need to gather together to deal with him," Billy shouted at his men.

Gritting his teeth, Billy tried to control his outrage.

After barking his instructions, two outer disciples who ran ahead of them stopped in their tracks to wait for the others to catch up.

Meanwhile, Austin frowned as he thought of Billy's team. 'If a dozen outer disciples choose to gang up against me, it will definitely be difficult to handle them. After all, I only have two hands.'

Boldly, he turned to them and shouted," You're a bunch of cowards!"

Then quickly, he rushed into the woods nearby.

By that time, Austin already had a basic understanding of the Using the Wind method. Swiftly, he ran like a wandering ghost using the Wind-commanding Skill and in moments was out of sight.

"After him!" Billy screamed.

He was quite surprised by Austin's astounding speed and his excellent bodily movement skill. Billy then saw the frightened outer disciples surrounding him, and his anger escalated.

As soon as Austin entered the wooded area, he kept changing his forward direction like a shadow with the Wind-commanding Skill. Finally, he vanished without a trace.

After searching the forest for a long time, Billy and his companions still found no trace of Austin.

Unknown to them, Marvin also followed Billy into the woods.

When Marvin met up with Billy's group, he was furious after learning they'd lost Austin, and that there was no trace of him. "I had great expectations for you, but look at the result! It's exasperating!" Marvin bellowed.

"What are you waiting for? Go! Keep on searching for Austin!" he barked at Billy and his men.

Angrily, he looked at the other outer masters, who scrambled to obey him.

Then stepping out fro


Violet said with a laugh.

In Violet's view, her current strength was nearly equal to the Earth Realm of human beings. So dealing with these three groups of people after Austin would be no problem.

Taking a few moments to ponder about her offer, Austin remained silent.

Finally, he said," Violet, you don't need to help me now. But can you help me handle them in case my life is in danger? I would like to improve my strength through actual combat. There are so many people who want to fight me today. So, I'm going to play with them. It's time to practice my fighting skills!

I believe this is a very rare opportunity!" he said with a smile.

Because of a strong will, Austin simply viewed the present dangerous situation as part of his practice journey.

Silently, he began to analyze the enemy's situation.

Among the three groups after him, it was Billy and his companions who had the weakest level of strength, although it was their team with the highest number of people.

Meanwhile, Marvin's group only had five or six people, but they were a little stronger than Billy's team.

By his estimation, it was the group of five unidentified men who appeared from the hillside that had the greatest strength.

"It's going to be hard for me to deal with so many people," Austin muttered as he tried to sort things out.

"The only way I can outwit them is to escape from the enemy's territory at once. That way, I'll have time to make other plans."

With this in mind, Austin knew he had to stop hesitating and simply act. If they discovered his whereabouts, escape would be impossible.

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