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   Chapter 86 The Right Choice (Part Two)

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Although Austin kicked the six people away, there was still Billy—a powerful disciple who ranked fifteenth among the outer disciples.

He must be strong and powerful to be Number 15 among nearly five thousand outer disciples.

Austin might be famous now, but he could not be for too long.

As soon as Billy found out about what happened to his brother, he would surely avenge him and beat the shit out of Austin.

Nobody believed that Austin could resist Billy's revenge. ...

... ...

However, Austin didn't think about it and just left the field with Evan immediately.

If it was up to him, he didn't want to fight. He even warned them about it. However, he didn't have a choice but to fight back when they attacked first. But the question was, would he apologize for it? Austin had no intention to apologize for what he had done. He just protected himself from the bullies.

It was against his will to let himself be bullied in consideration of the general interest.

Austin believed that it required a brave heart to reach the peak of martial skills as they pursued.

If he just wanted to stay alive without any ambitions, he could have just stayed as a leisurely and carefree grunt disciple. Why would he dream of being promoted?

That night…

Austin and Evan found the room arranged for them in the cottage area.

It was a small narrow wooden room.

Austin estimated that it was only about eight square meters. There was a wall with a moonstone inlay whose orange light spread and covered the whole room.

The only old furniture in the room was a table, a chair, and a bed.

There was also a faint musty smell in the room.

"This is like a doghouse. It is even smaller than the thatched cottage of the grunt disciple."

Austin sighed helplessly.

But regardless, the room didn't bother Austin. That night, he was absorbed in cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture.

The small light spot in his belly was a little big

man said and blinked at Austin.

Austin understood that and handed the man three thousand vital energy crystals from his Space Ring.

Money did talk.

Soon enough, the man escorted Austin and Evan to a courtyard.

The courtyard had two bedrooms, one practicing room, and a small garden. There was even a small-sized practicing field. It was too spacious for the two of them. And unlike the room in the cottage, this one had all kinds of furniture.

"It is so nice here! I have never lived in such a big house before!"

Evan excitedly said as they entered the courtyard. He checked everywhere–the inside, outside, the front, and the back of the courtyard.

Austin was most satisfied with the practicing room where the Energy-gathering Array was set up. The whole practicing room was covered with the array.

He sensed the strong vital energy rushing to him as he entered the room and felt immediately comfortable. The vital energy penetrated his body, and the small light spot in his belly seemingly cheered and absorbed the vital energy with an irresistible impulse.

Austin couldn't help but highly praised the Energy-gathering Array. It lived up to its reputation. He felt that the three thousand vital energy crystals were well spent on this one. He made the right choice after all.

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