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   Chapter 87 A Challenge

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Soon enough, Austin and Evan moved into the house they had rented for 3, 000 vital energy crystals, and they were perfectly happy in their new home.

The house had one bedroom for each of them.

Since they had been poor, they didn't have many belongings except for a few sets of clothes, which made moving in a breeze.

After they had settled in, Austin took out a purple bead from his Space Ring.

"Violet, come out and look at our new home," Austin called.

A stream of green smoke then rose from the bead, and with a flash of pink light, a little fox appeared in front of Austin.

The fox lazily stretched its body on the floor as soon as she got out.

"Master, being stuck in the Illusion Bead all day long made me feel claustrophobic," Violet complained.

At the sight of Austin, she began to roll stubbornly on the floor.

"Have you recovered from your injury?" Austin asked worriedly.

"Yes, I'm completely fine now," the little fox answered.

He could tell that she had indeed recovered by the healthy flush of color on her face. The demonic beast had much better physical fitness than a human, so their injuries naturally healed faster than human beings.

"Master, I prefer to be in human form," the little fox said.

The little fox turned into a beautiful and charming human girl in a flash.

Her gentle features curved into an attractive smile. Her lithe, slender body walked gracefully, and she was irresistibly charming. It seemed that the whole house was filled with her charm.

"Tin!" Evan shouted excitedly.

He ran to Austin's room and was surprised to see a pretty girl when he got to the doorway.

The charming lady languidly stretched her body on the chair.

He just moved in with Austin and he was pretty sure that there were only the two of them.

'How did this pretty girl suddenly appear in Tin's room?' Evan wondered. 'This girl is really stunning and more charming than other girls I've seen. The people that Tin likes are very special, ' he thought again.

He stood dumbfounded by the doorway, embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

Then, Austin's voice broke his train of thought.

"Evan, come in and meet Violet, ' Austin urged.

Evan then shyly entered the room, but he looked down.

He didn't dare to look at the beautiful Violet.

"Evan, this is Violet. She will follow me from now on," Austin introduced.

Shock was written all over Evan's face, but he was also amazed. 'Tin is so quick to get such a beautiful girl!' he thought.

"Got it…" he said and respectfully bowed to Violet.

"I'm Evan. Nice to meet you. You must be Tin's girlfriend," he added.

Austin's face immediately crumpled at Evan's words. It turned out that Evan had misunderstood what he said.

Suddenly, Violet burst into laughs at Evan's words, her hand on her chest. She ogled Austin, and the room instantly felt awkward.


in, it might not be easy for him to deal with things.

During that time, Billy was just a nobody in the outer sect. Later on, he got his current spear skill, acquired half level spear intent, and obtained his present strength and status.

"How's his cultivation base?" Billy asked.

"It's the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm," Barton said. "But, Billy, he has a great bodily movement skill, or we wouldn't have been beaten by him."

"He's in the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm?" Billy asked incredulously.

He paused for a moment before asking again, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. He's indeed in the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm," Barton said firmly. "I've confirmed it with the new disciples."

"Ha ha ha!" Billy began to laugh.

He laughed so heartily that the pressure he felt vanished.

"Good… this is wonderful! The former number one outer disciple is now just in the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm.

Austin, you were truly respected when you dominated the outer sect.

But, now that you've fallen, you ought to behave yourself. You shouldn't be so arrogant the minute you got promoted.

Now that you've picked on me, Austin—I'm going to do something that will shock the outer sect. I will trample on you in front of all the outer disciples. I will show all the people how the former number one outer disciple groans under my feet," Billy declared.

"This is your consequence for offending me. I'll make you look bad and they'll spat on you forever!" he added.

Billy was high-spirited now, and his awe-inducing spear intent sliced the leaves of a Chinese rose beside him, its branches flying away.

With his goal in mind, Billy planned to challenge Austin. "Somebody arranges a challenge. I, Billy Tang, am going to challenge the new outer disciple Austin Lin," he announced.


Billy wanted to challenge Austin?

Everyone present in the yard froze.

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