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   Chapter 102 An Enemy Waiting To Attack

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7949

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As soon as Austin entered the Grand Desolation Mountain, he faced all kinds of dreadful diabolic beasts and had to cope with all sorts of people including some notorious ones.

And the outer mountain of the Grand Desolation Mountain was the place where all the disciples from five sects toughened themselves.

Just as Austin entered the Grand Desolation Mountain, he was already in danger.

Three level-one diabolic beasts called ice snake attacked him.

Such a diabolic beast was common in the outer ring of the Grand Desolation Mountain. It was an ice-element beast with chilly poison hidden in its ice. If the victim wasn't given an antidote within half a day, the chilly poison would freeze the blood in his body until he died.

Most of the time, the ice snakes would camouflage like tree beard on the tree branches and people wouldn't know the difference. Once they attacked, it was difficult to prevent it.

Although the ice snakes were level-one diabolic beasts, many powerful cultivators fell to its trap because of carelessness.

Fortunately, Austin had a strong spiritual sense and found the three ice snakes as soon as they moved.

He waved his long sword and cut the three snakes into several parts.

However, Austin also got scared. The ice snake might not be powerful, but it had lightning speed and could appear from nowhere. If he reacted slowly, the consequence would be unimaginable.

After being attacked by the ice snakes, Austin became more cautious. As expected, the Grand Desolation Mountain was much more dangerous than the Beast Mountain, and he couldn't break into it randomly.

Austin took out a map under his arm and put it on the ground to check it carefully.

He bought this map at a price of one hundred vital energy crystals from the market at the entrance of the mountain. It had a general diagram of the Grand Desolation Mountain.

The dangerous area was marked with red. It was where the powerful high-level diabolic beasts lived.

Soon, Austin found his destination on the map. It was ten miles away in the southeast.

That was the place where the red stripe diabolic leopards appeared frequently.

It was the first task that Austin got from the hard mission room. If he managed to kill a level-three red stripe diabolic leopard, he would be rewarded with two thousand vital energy crystals.


ing to these four diabolic wolves.

His only chance was with the bodily movement of Wind-commanding Skill. By using it, he could still manage to cope with them without being torn into pieces.

… … …

As he battled with the four diabolic wolves, Austin suddenly felt a little restless. He had sensed that he was being watched by someone.

He felt chilly sensation run on his backbone. His face turned pale. He released his spiritual sense to immediately cover a range of four hundred meters around him.

Unexpectedly, he found more than ten figures hiding behind the thorn bushes.

The figures looked familiar.

Billy was one of them.

It was a group of young disciples led by Billy. They were the outer disciples of the Sun Sect and Billy's followers.

Instantly, Austin knew what was going on. Billy was unwilling after being defeated by him and came to avenge when he was out of the Sun Sect.

At this time, Billy probably wanted to kill him when most of his vital energy was consumed after he fought against these four diabolic wolves.

He was the enemy who watched behind when Austin was battling with others so that he could gain the last profit.

As expected, Billy was so narrow-minded. Just because he was defeated on the competition, he would resort to such a despicable act.

Austin sneered after he knew it was Billy and felt relieved because he was confident that he could defeat him and his group easily.

But for now, he needed to focus on defeating the four one-horned diabolic wolves. He would deal with Billy's group later.

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