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   Chapter 101 Assassins Hidden In The Dark

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After Murray left, Austin was still deep in thought.

If the steward hadn't told him the truth, he would have been practicing the martial arts with only the thought of improving his strength. He had no specific goal about what he should achieve.

But now, he finally figured out what he must do. If he wanted to take revenge, he at least had to reach the Earth Realm with his vital energy.

Braxton and Bryan were both at the beginning level of the Earth Realm. Aside from that, Braxton had Elder Luo whose cultivation base was at the advanced level of the Earth Realm.

Austin, on the other hand, was only at the seventh level of the Energy Gathering Realm. He still had a long way to go before he could reach the Earth Realm.

But there's only one challenge that Austin needed to overcome. For an Energy Gathering Realm cultivator to reach the Earth Realm, he had to make a big breakthrough which was more difficult than enhancing one's levels within the range of the Energy Gathering Realm.

With this thought in mind, Austin felt the urge to improve himself.

Now, nothing was more important to him than time and strength. Seize the day, seize the hour! It was the only way for him to reach his goal.

In just a second, Austin had finally made up his mind. He would start his crazy plan of practice from today.

Previously, in the hard mission room, Austin chose three places at the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain to do the tasks.

At the outer mountains, aside from earning the crystals by finishing the tasks, he could also improve himself through the real combat.

So now that he was determined to further improve his vital energy, he decided to once again go to the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain tomorrow.

At that night, he left a note for Evan.

On the next morning, Evan couldn't see Austin anywhere. Seeing the note, he assumed that Austin had already left to start his cultivation journey.


In the same residential area, there was a luxurious and superb house.

The house was grand and extremely spacious. It was painted in red with doors made of bronze. Even the door nail was as big as a bowl. At the gate, there stood two Kirin statues which looked extremely intimidating, adding dignity to the place.

Suddenly, an outer disciple was rushing towards the house, looking very anxious.

"Marvin! Marvin!"

The outer disciple called out as he ran.

After a while, a handsome sullen-looking young man walked out from the house. He was Marvin.

"Stop fussing in my house! What are you freaked out about? If it isn't important, you better leave or I'll beat the shit out of you!"

The outer disciple was startled, but he continued despite the threat," I saw Austin leave the Sun Sect this morning. And it seems that he is going to the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain."

Marvin's eyes widened," He is going to the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain?"

"Yes, I saw it with my eyes. I can't be wrong," the outer disciple said firmly.

"He left Sun Sect?"

After thinking for a while, a crazy idea popped into his mind and his eyes flashed viciously.

'God is on my side! That trash left Sun Sect at the right time. If I could kill him out of here, I can take the earth spirit fruits and vent out my anger!' he thought.


d in the swordsman's world for decades. What keeps us stand for so long is more than just our martial skills, but also our cautious mind. Better safe than sorry. You should always remember that."

"So, we should wait until he enters the outer mountains to carry out our plan of killing him."

Hearing Matthew's analysis, the four men nodded in approval.

Meanwhile, in another inn, Marvin was sitting at the table with Lara sitting opposite him pouring his tea.

Several outer disciples with a high level of martial arts stood beside him.

"Is Billy here?"

Marvin asked an outer disciple who stood aside.

"Yes, I just saw him together with a dozen of outer disciples. I saw them in the market outside."

"Well, bad luck for Austin! I have a lot of trump cards to deal with him. I can't wait to see him die a miserable death this time. As soon as he enters the outer mountains, no matter how hard he cries for help, no one would hear him!"

On the next day, as the first morning ray spread on the earth and all creatures came back to life, Austin already went inside the outer mountain alone.

He walked all day, over hill and dale. He crossed the high mountains and the thick forests, conquering numerous hilltops.

Austin walked silently in the quiet forest under the watchful eyes of the assassins hidden in the dark. They were full of vital energy within their bodies, ready to act at any time.

Unlike the Beast Mountain, the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain not only had large numbers of level-one and level-two diabolic beasts, but also abundant level-three and level-four diabolic beasts. Moreover, some level-five diabolic beasts also occasionally haunted the place.

Austin had been to the outer mountains of the Grand Desolation Mountain several times for the practice before. And he was not totally ignorant of the dangers in the mountains.

With that knowledge, he trod more cautiously along the way.

When he practiced in the outer mountains of the Grand Desolation Mountain before, he had survived many life-and-death situations. But now that his cultivation base and vital energy had dropped immensely compared to the level he had before, he couldn't be too careful this time.

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