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   Chapter 100 The Truth From Three Years Ago Finally Revealed (Part Two)

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Furthermore, that attack had not only gotten me seriously injured but also left a devil in my heart. It became an obstacle for me to get further cultivation. If I can't get rid of it, then I wouldn't be able to make progress."

Hearing this, Murray sighed and said," I know you'd never be satisfied until you get to the bottom of things. Knowing you, under no circumstances would you let this go by unsettled. Alright then, I'll tell you everything I know.

Three years ago, the high-ranking members of Sun Sect decided to select a group of elites to train. The elites of a sect generally referred to the core disciples and inner disciples. However, among the core disciples and inner disciples, the talents were few then, and the truly qualified disciples were just rare. Therefore, the high-ranking members decided to expand the range of selection to the outer disciples," Murray said slowly as he recalled the past.

"At that time, there were only five qualified outer disciples. Those were you, Gavin, Bridget, Braxton, and Bryan.

After some series of challenges, the head decided to only pick three—you, Bridget, and Gavin."

Austin listened carefully. He was surprised that he didn't know anything about this. It was as if this part of his memory was taken out of his brain.

Perhaps this was a secret in the sect and ordinary disciples were not supposed to know about this.

Murray continued," However, just after the three candidates had been selected, both you and Gavin were attacked individually. You were lucky to survive the attack, though you went crazy. Gavin, on the other hand, was less fortunate and got killed on the spot.

"Gavin was killed?" Austin asked incredulously.

tin would run for revenge on the spur of the moment and lose his life.

As for Austin, after hearing Murray's narration, he stood still for a moment. It was not until he had calmed down that he looked up slowly at Murray with gratitude.

"Steward Murray, I know what you're worried about. But please trust me. I won't act harshly, I promise. I will get my revenge on them one day. But now is not the time. I will wait until I become stronger. From now on, I will focus on cultivating myself hard with all my heart. Then I'll settle our score one by one in the future."

Looking at Austin's limpid and steady eyes, Murray received his words with appreciation. He nodded and felt relieved.

"I'm glad to see you've become more mature. Then I'll wait for the good news from you.

I'm afraid I need to go now. There are still many things for me to deal with. Remember to look out for yourself."

Murray was always bound up in business, so he couldn't stay long even if he wanted to.

"Jaime, Braxton, Bryan."

There was a voice that kept enumerating these names in his mind.

"Enjoy now, for someday, I will get my revenge!"

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