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   Chapter 98 Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7288

Updated: 2019-06-05 14:23

With a deafening sound, the tip of Billy's spear knocked into the pagoda. Time seemed to stop for a moment after which, violent waves of power exploded out from the point of contact. It was as if the ground trembled and the arena was torn apart. All eyes were fixed at the spot where the two objects had collided.

Then the shaft of the spear bent, little by little, before the eyes of an astonished audience. Within a fleeting moment, it was bent completely into a bow, until it was on the verge of breaking.


Astounded, Billy reacted quickly. He twisted his arms, drew back the spear and flew backward in an awkward gesture, pushed back with a mighty acceleration due to the spring force when the bent spear whipped straight.

"It's not possible!" he yelled in disbelief as he collected his wits.

His cry of surprise was heard by all. But this time, no one dared to make a sound.

Finally, in front of Austin, Billy was no longer the superior and confident warrior he had always been. For the first time ever, his face showed signs of alarm.

Austin on the other hand, felt elated. His long hair flew in the air conspicuously and there was pride rushing through him. At this moment, he was showing an awe-inspiring demeanor, with domineering confidence and pride.

"That's just the start!"

He suddenly yelled, rushing forward. Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was more powerful than he had imagined. And it had felt so good that he wanted to use more of it on Billy, his supposedly strong opponent. With the pagoda in his hands, he attacked.

Grinding his teeth, Billy also let out a loud roar. All his vital energy gushed out through the veins of his hand and concentrated itself into his spear. The spear hummed and trembled under the mighty and forceful surge. Suddenly, it spiraled out like a viper and dashed towards the pagoda.




Three times, the two weapons collided. Three times, the sound rang out. Beginning at the point of impact, violent and extraordinarily powerful waves swept out across the arena like a stormfront, sending pieces of rock and concrete flying everywhere.

With each stroke, Bi

tburst of temper. The vital energy ran wild inside him when he pounced towards Austin once again. And his spear flew like a flood dragon speeding across the sky.


Austin's eyes were cold and indifferent. He didn't even move from his place. Simply changing his stance to his fighting posture, he held the pagoda high. He was facing the spear directly.


Once again, Billy thumped against the pagoda and flew across the arena, thudding into a corner.

But this time, Austin didn't stop at merely defending his own self against the attack. He followed Billy and swung the pagoda high over his head.

In this moment of life and death, Billy suddenly recovered from his madness. Before Austin could hit him, his eyes suddenly opened wide in horror, and he shrieked," I give up! Stop! You win! You win!"

With his words, Austin's attack came to a halt.

The forceful swing stopped just before the pagoda hit Billy in the face. However, some swirls of energy were still thrown out and cut his skin open. Streaks of blood ran down his cheeks, along with tears and sweat.

Austin stared into his eyes, and asked slowly," You've really given up, haven't you?"

When Billy heard his words, his face twitched violently as his expressions changed. After a while, he nodded unwillingly, since he didn't have any other choice. He struggled to climb up to his feet but his downcast eyes were filled with ferocity and malevolence.

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