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   Chapter 96 Austin At The Face Of Death

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10655

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Billy Tang held his spear with a high spirit as his green gown plumped up like a balloon. Suddenly, the level eight energy burst out of his body and the spear shone like the sun.

Austin came with his sword pointing at the ground with a faint golden vital energy surrounding it. He looked at Billy calmly.

"Austin Lin! Today you'll see the difference between the current and the previous top outer disciple!" Billy said.

At that moment, Billy summoned his vital energy and formed a whirlpool. Its center was at the top of his spear and it also absorbed the vital energy in the air.

Billy deserved to be called one of the strongest among the outer disciples. Even before the fight started, he could summon such great power.

"I think I know what that is! That is the spear intent! Bill really is a genius! He learned the rare spear intent skill!"

"Billy Tang ranks at the fifteenth place now, but he can be a dark horse in the coming Top Ten Disciples Ranking Challenge!"

Seeing Billy summoned his spear intent, the audience couldn't help whispering to each other.

"What are you waiting for, Austin? Let's start!"

Billy spoke to Austin coldly," I know your cultivation status and I'm sure you're no match for my spear intent. I will show these outer disciples how easily I can kill you!"

Austin was standing more than ten meters from Billy. While Billy was making his speech, Austin felt a burst of vital energy passed by him and cut his hair. His upper garment was also slightly torn away by the vital energy Billy gave off.

"I can't believe it! The cultivator who can learn spear intent is terrifying!"

Some of the disciples in the audience could not hide their excitement in the fight.

Austin was surprised when he sensed Billy's spear intent.

But having lived two lives, his soul was powerful enough to control his emotions and not to show it on his face.

'So, this is what a cultivator's intent really like. It's amazing, I must admit!'

As Austin sensed Billy's spear intent more, he learned something more about it.


Without further ado, Austin wielded his sword to one of the moves of the Cloud Swordsmanship.

But aside from what he had learned in the Beast Mountain, Austin also applied something he just learned from Billy's spear intent.

This move might seem ordinary, but it followed the natural principle of clouds drifting in the sky–being rare and swift that no one could catch it easily.

Austin had learned the Cloud Swordsmanship to some great extent. It had played an important role in his fight with the evil ape last time.

At that moment, Austin felt like he was being weighed down by Billy's spear intent.

But the situation helped Austin understand a higher-level martial art skill.

With this new discovery, Austin made one move that helped him lessen the force that was weighing him down.

The disciples in the audience were familiar with the Sun Sect's Cloud Swordsmanship.

When they saw the move Austin made, they knew that despite his lack of sword intent, Austin's Cloud Swordsmanship had already reached the Major Achievement Stage.

Everyone was in awe at Austin's a

would turn.

Marvin, on the other hand, was a little disappointed about all the earth spirit fruits Austin had picked up.

He had seen that Austin got more than twenty earth spirit fruits that could not be used up to improve one's skill in a short time and all of them were kept by Austin.

Recently, he had been thinking about how to take the earth spirit fruits away from Austin.

He dared not to act too rashly because he knew it would bring him great trouble to kill Austin in the sect without any excuse as Murray was focusing his attention on Austin all the time.

Unexpectedly, before he could think of a good way, Austin was about to die from Billy's spear.

Seeing what was happening on the stage, Marvin felt happy for Austin's fate but also pity for the earth spirit fruits.

At a corner of the audience area, Denali was trying to control herself by holding her mouth to avoid screaming so loud.

She turned her head down not wanting to see Austin dying.


In another corner, Mindy also exclaimed. She closely stared at the two men on the stage in hope that Austin could create a miracle at the crucial moment.


Evan also felt bad and shouted. He stood up and wanted to rush onto the stage to save Austin's life.

But five young disciples held him down to prevent him from walking there.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Austin felt that the sharp spear intent was targeting him. Suddenly, the vital energy flooded from his feet and the Wind-commanding Skill was running to an extreme extent.

At the same time, he swiftly made different gestures with his hands to form special hand signs one after another like butterflies dancing.

Golden light vital energy started to gradually appear from his palms. Vital energy snakes occurred and twisted on his arms.

The Grand Pagoda was formed instantly!

It was larger and quicker to form than the first time Austin used it.

Recently, Austin had kept practicing his Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill. With the help of his powerful spiritual sense, the Grand Pagoda formed quicker and it became more solid.

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