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   Chapter 95 Austin Goes Against Billy (Part Two)

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Why are you so stubborn? You know what, let's not fight. How about we make a bet?

In a short while, some smart business-minded disciples began to make bets on the duel outcome.

"Hey, buddies! We'll make a bet. Who wants to join us? Come here and have a look! If you bet on Austin's win, the odds will be 1:5."

Seeing someone had taken the lead in bet, some other disciples followed suit. And in a short moment, four or five gambling stalls had already been set up, each offering a different price for a bet.

One of these stalls even provided odds of 1:10. It was the highest one yet.

Most disciples didn't think Austin would win.

"I bet on Austin's' win! My stake is a thousand vital energy crystals."

Suddenly, a woman's voice rang out in front of the gambling stall which was providing odds of 1:10. Hearing what she was saying, the nearby disciples came closer to watch.

A young woman with a slim frame and beautiful looks laid out a thousand vital energy crystals on the gambling stall.

As soon as she had showed up, numerous disciples had glued their eyes on her slim body and swallowed hard.


a new disciple immediately recognized her and cried out.

A man standing not far away looked very unhappy when he saw what was happening. This man was nobody else, but Matias.

"I bet on Austin's win too. My stake is eight hundred vital energy crystals."

With that, another young woman laid out eight hundred vital energy crystals on the same gambling stall. She had a curvy frame and a well-developed bosom.

Some outer disciples recognized Mindy immediately when she was laying out the eight hundred crystals.

'Two pretty girls betting on Austin's win. What a lucky bastard he is!'

A lot of disciples were jealous to see that.

Just then, there was a sudden commotion in the crowd. The bystanders consciously parted to the sides, leaving a passage in the middle.

Then Billy, garbed in a royal shade of green, came over into the arena, surrounded by a group of youngsters.

With only his style of approach, it was easy to tip the odds in his favour. The outer and senior disciples were praising him secretly.

He carried a long spear on his back, and there was something about him that resembled a spear too —straight, rigid, concise, sharp and aggressive.

"Wow, Billy is really talented! Even only from his sharp eyes, you get the f

meone shouting," Don't stand here you fool! Get out of my way!"

A dozens outer disciples were knocked to the ground and rolled aside, and the space they had left formed a passage.

Through the passage, a sturdy man arrived near the arena.

He was Andrew, who ranked fourth among the outer disciples.

An outer disciple cried his name out in surprise.

It seemed that the 'once best outer disciple' was still attractive to people. Even outer disciples as powerful as Andrew had arrived to watch the battle.

Andrew was a strong man, still young in age. With big eyes, thick whiskers and already passing two meters in height, he was a mighty figure to behold!

He was wearing a short casual suit and carried a broad knife on his shoulder. From his look, one could sense a hint of murderous will.


Some disciples who had always been following Andrew walked over to him and stood beside him proudly.

Marvin was surprised too. He looked at Andrew and muttered," What is he doing here?"

There were quite a few people standing under a row of big trees relatively far away from the battle ring. Some outer disciples with sharp eyes had figured out that they were inner disciples.

Inside the battle ring, like a spear fresh out of its sheath and thirsty for battle, Billy stared at Austin with powerful intent.

"Austin, let's start!"

He patted the spear rod on his back, and like it already knew what its master wanted, the spear jumped out.

Billy reached out and grabbed the spear in his right hand. He raised it horizontally, and pointed it straight at Austin.

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