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   Chapter 94 Austin Goes Against Billy (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6148

Updated: 2019-06-05 14:24

Being calm and composed in the practicing room, without a worry in the world, Austin was sitting crossed legged on the floor. He seemed to be practicing cultivation since there were three earth spirit fruits and two Energy-boosting Elixirs in front of him.

With the Energy Gathering Array working at full pelt, the practicing room was filled with vital energy, and the air seemed dense with it, much more than any surrounding area.

For the last two days and nights, he had been putting all of his efforts into the Golden Sun Scripture.

The first time he had cultivated the method, a small light ball had appeared in his belly. Now, after about two days, it had grown into a ball about half the size of a walnut and was emitting incessant bright light. Like a small sun, it floated and nourished everything under its light.

Under the light, Austin's belly, bones, muscles and blood vessels had turned a bright, beautiful shade of gold, and looked as if they were filled with an endless supply of vigorous life energy and power.

The energy in the surrounding air seemed to be affected too, and it was being pulled mysteriously into his body.

With the practicing of the Golden Sun Scripture, Austin became extremely energetic. The golden light emitted from the light ball penetrated his bones, flesh and blood vessels and there was a shine that rose from inside to outside of his body.

If one were to witness Austin at this moment, he would be immediately reminded of a mighty king. That was how graceful and powerful Austin looked under the shine.

To Austin's surprise, he suddenly felt that the light ball inside him was pushing to come out of his body, as if a child had been attracted by delicious candies and was about to catch them.

'Is it attracted by...'

A bold idea struck him and he decided to try


Prepping for the fight to begin, the disciples stood in small groups and discussed the outcome in a low voice," You know, it's said that Austin disappeared from the outer sect three years ago. A while ago, someone told me that he had gotten some sort of mental problem and had been demoted to a grunt disciple. Nobody knows why or how it happened."

"Yeah. I heard rumours. Some people said that he was either dead or has left Sun Sect. It's really surprising to hear that he is fighting today."

"Who do you think will win in the competition, Austin or Billy?"

"It's said that Austin has only six levels of cultivation base left, but Billy has already reached level eight of the Energy Gathering Realm now, so you can imagine who will win yourself."

"We don't have to imagine to find out Billy is going to win. In terms of cultivation level, Billy is two levels higher than Austin, and in terms of skill, it's said that Billy has comprehended a half-level spear intent. So there's no doubt that Bill will win the duel."

"It's too early to say who will win. You know, there is an old saying. It says that a starved camel is still bigger than a horse. After all, Austin was once the best outer disciple."

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