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   Chapter 92 The Refinement of Two Top-grade Spiritual Weapons (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6071

Updated: 2019-06-05 14:24

Billy was stunned when he saw the young man in blue who delivered his challenge letter, seemed to be in great pain—but Austin didn't even launch an attack on him.

Doubt immediately clouded his mind. 'Maybe he had grasped a special skill?' he wondered to himself.

However, his uncertainty vanished soon. 'No matter what special skills he has, I am now at the eighth level of Energy Gathering Realm!

Austin is only at the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm. What's more, I have figured out the half level spear intent. I have an advantage over him, so any of his special skills won't matter!' he thought proudly.

"Are you going to challenge me?" Austin asked.

A playful smile danced across Billy's lips.

"Why? Dare you not accept it?" Billy asked defiantly.

His cold eyes bored straight into Austin's own.

"I accept it!" Austin bellowed.

The situation was now out of Austin's control, and even if he didn't want things to go this way, he refused to be a coward and back down.

His original plan after being promoted to outer disciple was to conceal his identity and fully concentrate on his training. He no longer wanted to have a reputation as he did back then.

However, today was a different story—his plan didn't work out.

"See you in the battle ring after three days!" Austin said out loud.

He then went straight back into his house with Evan and didn't bother to wait for Billy's response.

Meanwhile, Billy felt madly envious of Austin's calmness. And fury even surged in his veins.

As a result, he burst out in anger and shouted," After three days, Austin, I will defeat you and make you shed blood in the ring!"

Half a day later, the news quickly spread among all the outer disciples.

Billy, who ranked fifteenth among all outer disciples, challen

er, his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle could only temporarily disturb cultivators at the eighth level of Energy Gathering Realm or above, especially the cultivators whose cultivation base was at Earth Realm, and could not injure their spiritual souls.

After all, the higher a cultivators' cultivation base of vital energy, the stronger his spiritual soul's power would be.

Although Austin's spiritual sense power was powerful, Spiritual Sense Flying Needle was only a wisp of the spiritual sense. Since it launched attacks outside a living body, its power would not be strong enough.

In addition, Austin also knew that his vital energy's cultivation base was low, which was his biggest flaw at the moment.

Thus, Austin felt pressured by the challenge and desperately wanted to train harder.

After he sorted out his thoughts, he took out a secret martial art manual and two blades—one black and one red, from his Space Ring.

These were the objects that he had bought today for 5, 000 pieces of vital energy crystals.

When he carefully read the secret manual, he found out that it was used together with the two blades—just as what the young man who sold him the objects had said.

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