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   Chapter 91 Hard Mission Hall (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Changdu Characters: 6119

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The commotion was taking place by the gate of Austin's house, and the provocative and arrogant words disturbed the entire area.

Amid the noise, a young man appeared, surrounded by the other boys. The lad who stood up straight, with sharp eyes trained on Evan was Billy.

"Bastard! You're courting death!" someone called out.

The crowd saw a figure move like lightning appear beside the boy who was pummeling Evan.

The boy was caught by surprise when he suddenly felt a presence by his side. He was so astonished that he almost thought of retreating.

A badly beaten Evan was black and blue from too many bruises. When he saw this, Austin felt fury bubbling inside him and swore he would not let this go without a fight.

As soon as he got close, he swiftly caught the young boy's hands. There were two cracking sounds, as the boy screamed in pain. Austin had broken both his arms.

Then Austin extended his left hand, grabbed the young boy's neck, and effortlessly lifted him.

Oblivious to his surroundings, the disciple threw several punches non-stop using a third or fourth of the vital energy on his right hand.

The severe beating had the boy screaming and howling in pain and humiliation. He was so terrified that he wet and dirtied his pants and was now filthy and stinking.

Finally, Austin shook his right arm, and the boy fell to the ground and fainted.

Breathing heavily, he asked," Evan, are you okay?"

Slowly, he helped his friend get up.

It was a tremendous relief for Evan to see Austin beside him. His entire body was now throbbing in pain. But he suppressed a groan so Austin would not lose face before Billy and the others.

It seemed that his friend suddenly appeared like a god and gave the boy who bullied him a thorough beating.

After witnessing what happened, th

e trampled under my feet like garbage."

Evan was outraged by the remarks.

"Shut up! Do not address Tin as an idiot. You're the fool, the idiot!"

But the young boys who hung on to Billy's power yelled at Evan one after another.

"Son of a bitch! How dare you refute Billy!"

Another one shouted," You bastard! It won't be long before you and your friend Austin become dead meat. How could you be so aggressive?"

As Austin listened to the exchange, he quickly figured out what Billy was doing. He once ranked first in the outer Sect. As long as Billy defeated him, he would earn more prestige.

Billy let a young boy dressed in blue clothes ran up to Austin. The boy stood before the disciple and issued a challenge.

"You idiot!

How dare you offend Billy! You had better prepare a coffin for yourself before it's too late."

With a scornful expression, the boy stared at Austin.

But the look didn't faze Austin, whose eyes turned fierce as his body released a Spiritual Sense Flying Needle. The boy immediately felt extreme pain piercing his head and screamed.

Panicked, he scampered off like a frightened rat, and the one thought that ran through his mind was that the guy knew sorcery!

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