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   Chapter 90 Hard Mission Hall (Part One)

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After spending 5, 000 vital energy crystals in the Dark Market, Austin left with his pocket empty. He went back to Sun Sect with a long face.

At this point, the desire to make money was stronger than ever.

As soon as he arrived at Sun Sect, he headed straight to the Mission Hall.

It was a two-storey building. Normal missions came from the first floor, while the second floor was for hard missions.

Generally, normal missions were suitable for outer disciples, while hard missions were for inner and core disciples.

From the market, Austin headed directly to the mission hall on the building's first floor, ready to take an assignment. Built into one wall of the hall was a wide crystal screen made with special materials. A list of missions was flashing on screen for disciples to choose.

Several disciples, who were either seated, their arms crossed or leaning against pillars, were engrossed in reading the various missions displayed onscreen.

Slay 15 level-one demon dogs and get their beast cores and teeth to receive a reward of 300 vital energy crystals.

Slay 5 level-one demon pangolins and take their beast cores to be awarded 500 vital energy crystals.

Slay a level-2 magic fox and get its beast core to receive a reward of 800 vital energy crystals.

Pick three refreshing flowers to be rewarded with 400 vital energy crystals.

The list went on and on and disciples read them carefully. It was also with serious thought that Austin studied the available missions.

After a while of going over the missions, he realized each one was only rewarded with a few hundred vital energy crystals.

Among the missions with the highest reward of 1, 500 vital energy crystals was to kill a level-3 one-horned demon wolf.

The truth was, a thousand vital energy crystals were nothing to Austin at this point after his previous achievements.

He stared at the screen f

e arrogant teen said aloud. As he was speaking, he would punch Evan in the stomach after each question. He was in the fifth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, and always bullied people by borrowing power from brothers Billy and Barton.

As Evan clenched his teeth in pain, he glared at his oppressors.

"Oh, you really have a backbone. Well, now I'll see how tough those bones are."

The boy said as he punched and kicked Evan again. There was a tingling pain all over Evan's body, and he felt internal organs being displaced. But he kept his mouth shut and just continued to glare at them.

"Well, I'll let you have a taste of my punches!"

Evan's insolence angered the boy more.

"Austin! Come out quickly! You have offended our older brother, Billy. Now you're done!"

"If you don't come out, I will peel off Evan's skin and fry him," the boy threatened.

Snorting in fury, he added," A newcomer is not allowed to be so cocky. What gives you the right to offend Billy? You don't know how to spell the word death, do you?"

"You better come out now, and kneel before Billy to beg his mercy. He just might spare you," one of them said.

Another spoke up," It's too late for him to kneel down for mercy. He's already upset Billy. This time, he's done!"

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