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   Chapter 89 The Twin Shadow Blades (Part Two)

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Continuing down the road, Austin observed the merchants and inspected their wares. Some stalls sold furs, bones, and organs of a variety of beasts, while others peddled medicine and weapons, as well as special elixirs.

There were also several that offered books on martial arts techniques.

After strolling for several minutes, Austin caught sight of two stalls selling books on martial arts.

One of them only displayed two manuals. The disciple came up to the stall and inquired how much the manual on a first-level offensive technique called Wild Bull Broadsword Skills cost.

He was told it was five thousand vital energy crystals.

He then asked about the other book, one on the second-level body-refining technique titled Iron Armor. This one was priced ten thousand.

What was disappointing was that the stall owner didn't allow Austin to look through the books before paying for them.

Cunning as he was, Austin would never agree to such a risky deal. One thing very clear to him was that almost half of the stall owners in that street were swindlers. So, it was highly probable that he would regret paying for either of the two books.

"Sixth-level cultivation method on sale! Come, have a look!"

Raising his brow, Austin thought, 'Sixth-level cultivation method?'

Any cultivation method in that level was extremely precious. Only key disciples of super large sects with a long history could get a hold of these books.

'Well here you go, another fraud, ' Austin sighed.

But since Austin was in no hurry to leave, he decided to take a look at the stall to satisfy his curiosity.

A heavyset man, who appeared to be honest and trustworthy, was kneeling behind a stall. In front of him was a large black cloth, where a manual on martial arts and an unusually-shaped scarlet dagger lay.

Seeing the dagger made Austin's heart skip a beat.

The dagger nestled on the black cloth was the exact size, shape, and style as the one Austin discovered in Rafat's Space Ring. The only difference was their color. This one was scarlet. But set aside this detail, the two daggers appeared as if they came from the sa

of them regarded him as a fraud.

The insults, however, made the man turn livid. He was now breathing heavily, his chest heaving, obviously from rage.

Gazing down at him, Austin saw his eyes were sincere and anxious, and not the eyes of a liar. Besides, he did have a black dagger that was exactly the same as the red one being offered. So that verified the man's tale.

If it was truly a sixth-grade cultivation method, the deal of five thousand vital energy crystals was definitely a bargain!

After thinking things over, Austin finally made a decision.

"I believe in you.

So, here you are. Five thousand vital energy crystals," he said.

The young disciple fumbled while extracting the vital energy crystals inside the Space Ring he carried inside his chest pocket. Once he had what he needed, Austin tossed these to the ground in front of the man. Then, he stuck out his hand and grabbed the manual and scarlet dagger.

The man was in near tears, so thrilled by Austin's words and gesture. He kept thanking the young man as he got busy collecting the crystals.

An uproar ensued when bystanders saw that Austin had indeed paid for the goods. There were snide remarks while others shook their heads dismissively. And then there were good-natured spectators, who attempted to talk Austin out of the sale.

But Austin ignored every one of them. Instead, he squeezed his way through the crowd and took off.

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