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   Chapter 88 The Twin Shadow Blades (Part One)

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Inside Austin's mansion...

After careful thought, Austin divided his fortune into three.

Turning to his friend, he said, "Evan, this Energy-boosting Elixir and these earth spirit fruits are now yours. And take 1, 000 vital energy crystals as well. Buy as many weapons, martial arts books or elixirs as you want," Austin told his friend.

Since he and Austin were now close friends, Evan was no longer shy about accepting the generous offer. As soon as Austin said he could have the treasures, he quickly stuffed them in his pockets.

Turning to Violet Austin said, "You can have these two earth spirit fruits. The Energy-boosting Elixir is of no use to you considering you're at the Earth Realm phase now. I'll carry the vital energy crystals, so if you need anything, I'll buy them for you."

With profuse thanks, Violet accepted the earth spirit fruits.

She knew she was practically a servant to Austin because her spiritual soul was under his control. So it came as a complete surprise to Violet that Austin was willing to share those precious resources with her. Such a gesture made her more cordial towards him.

"Evan, I'd like to head to the Task Hall and perhaps, take on some tasks to earn some more vital energy crystals. I might also take a walk in the market nearby to check if there are any elixirs worth buying," Austin said.

Although Sun Sect carried a variety of elixirs in its Medicine Hall, the quantity allowed for each disciple is quite limited. On the other hand, extracts sold to ordinary disciples were not very high-classed. If a disciple wanted to purchase those more advanced ones like the Energy-boosting Elixir from Medicine Hall, it would be very difficult.

Elixirs of that quality and effect were a precious resource for a sect with several thousand disciples. Supply couldn't cope with the demand. The good and rare kinds were only kept for key and inner disciples.

However, there exist secret markets organized by local martial arts practitioners, and a disciple can easily find assorted elixirs at a fair price. If he is lucky, he may even discover other suitable medicines, martial arts books, and weapons.

So whenever Austin was free, he l

ts. I'm willing to sell them for only a thousand vital energy crystals. They're genuine goods at a fair price. You know I deal honestly with my customers."

He continued to persuade Austin to buy his ware.

As he turned to leave, the middle-aged merchant called out, "Hey, don't go! We were just having a nice conversation here. The price is negotiable."

"I can't afford them," Austin answered.

And unwilling to argue with the seller, he simply turned and walked away from the stall.

Shortly after Austin left the stall, a woman at the next stall began to taunt the middle-aged seller.

"Mr. Wang, are you trying to fool some innocent customer with potion-soaked hawthorn berries again? Hahaha! You really have nothing else to do but kill time, don't you?"

The man shushed the female seller.

It annoyed him that she was trying to block his attempts at selling.

"You have no idea what you're saying! I'm doing business with no cost. Last month, I tricked an idiot and made a lot of money from that deal, didn't I?" the man hissed.

He had no idea that Austin caught his remarks with a spiritual sense that could pick up these things within a radius of four hundred meters. The young disciple was amused after hearing the truth.

Muttering to himself, he said, "It seems this Dark Market is full of unscrupulous merchants. Perhaps, most of these stall owners are frauds. I need to be careful. Otherwise, I might be fooled and lose a fortune!"

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