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   Chapter 84 Protection Fee

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After the steward just left, six men who had been standing under a tree not far away approached the new outer disciples. Wicked expressions reflected on their faces.

"Hi! Everybody! Since you are new here, let me tell you two things. First, I would like to extend a warm welcome. You are now members of the family of outer disciples."

A man who appeared to be around twenty years of age said loudly to the new outer disciples. He seemed high-spiritedly and enthusiastic.

In contrast, the six men standing beside him still wore sly smiles. They didn't seem to be as nice as the speaker.

Still, just to avoid trouble, the new outer disciples showed their gratitude.

"Ah," the speaker said," You don't have to thank me. There's no need to be so formal. It is my pleasure to welcome all of you."

The young man continued talking.

"The second thing I wanted to share was that every new outer disciple is required to pay us ten vital energy crystals."

The young man paused and waited for his audience to react.

Hearing what he had said, the new outer disciples were stunned. After a moment's silence, they began whispering and discussing among themselves. As outrage grew, their voices soared. Soon, the residential area was filled with noise.

"What? What do you mean?"

"Is this a sect rule?"

They clamored to have their questions heard.

"The ten vital energy crystals are a sort of 'getting to know you' gift. You can also call it a protection fee or routine money. As long as you pay us the vital energy crystals, no one can harm you. If anyone tries, you can mention that you are under Billy Tan's protection!"

Protection fee!

The new disciples were not foolish. They understood at once that the six disciples were blackmailing them. It was the six disciples who were threatening the new disciples now!

"Be quick! Pay us the crystals. Only then can you leave. If you are not willing to... Hmmm!"

The young man paused, and his expression turned cold. He glared intimidatingly at all the new outer disciples.

"One thing you should know is that our leader, Billy Tang, is ranked fifteenth among the outer disciples. Whether you want to or not, you have to give us the crystals. And this is Mr. Billy Tang's brother, Barton Tang."

While the young man was speaking, he pointed to another young man who was dressed in purple. He looked arrogant and wore a cold smile on his face.

Hearing what the first young man had said, the new outer disciples, who looked indignant a moment ago, became silent.

Billy Tang was ranked in the top 15 from thousands of outer disciples. Of course, the new outer disciples could not be as powerful as he.

If they did not pay, they would offend Billy Tang. The new outer disciples didn't want to provoke a higher ranked disciple on their first day in the outer part of the sect.

On the contrary

crystals, he would not get involved in this.

He knew that such practices existed at the sect. After all, he had seen this on several occasions. Three years ago, when he had been an outer disciple, he knew that the stronger outer disciples would resort to such blackmailing.

But now, since they wanted to bully Evan, Austin could not stand by this time.

Austin took Evan by the hand and pulled him behind himself.

"You can ask for protection fee from the others. But he and I will give you nothing," Austin said.

His expression was calm as usual.


Barton and the other five young men could not believe their ears. A new outer disciple dared to say that to them!

"Aren't you overconfident of your abilities?" Barton said with a cold smile.

"But I think you are insane!"

After he finished speaking, Barton squinted at three young men. All six men in the gang were at the fifth-level of the Energy Gathering Realm, while most of the new outer disciples were at the third level. At best, there were a few who might have reached the fourth level.

Sometimes, it was beneficial to pick a new outer disciple and make an example out of him. Since Austin had chosen to oppose them so publicly, the gang decided to use him to warn the others of the consequences of being arrogant.

Matias seemed to take pleasure in Austin's situation.

Even though Austin had once been the top-ranked disciple from among the other outer disciples, now he was only at the sixth-level of the Energy Gathering Realm. Austin had no fear of grunt disciples back then.

'But now, you are in the outer part of the sect. No longer are you surrounded by common grunt disciples. Although you have reached the sixth level, there will be many disciples who are much stronger than you. Now that you have offended Billy Tang's group, you will face great difficulties.' Matias thought as a smile grew on his face.

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