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   Chapter 79 Center Of Attention

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All grunt disciples who took part in the evaluation held inside the Training Field had to exit through a passageway.

Participants either succeeded or failed in the testing.

Those who passed the evaluation assembled on the left side of the auditorium.

Those who were unsuccessful could leave the field on their own anytime they wished.

Hundreds of disciples underwent the evaluation. At the end of the first phase, only around seventy or eighty grunt disciples were left and were eligible to go on to the next round.

Those who made it had smug looks on their faces as they watched the disciples who failed leave with dejected expressions.

Everyone who passed the first round was excited after their experience. There was a heated discussion among these disciples about the dangers and risks they encountered inside the passageway that was full of dummies.

Some of the disciples were boasting of how courageous and remarkable they had been to overcome many barriers that they had encountered inside the passageway.

Meanwhile, there were disciples who needed to recover and build up their energy for the next round, after being drained of strength and suffering from bruises inside the Training Field.

They knew that to survive another round of evaluation, they had to prepare harder.

Other grunt disciples who stood outside the Training Field as spectators both envied and admired the disciples who passed the first round of evaluation.

Everyone had been waiting for a long time, but there was still no announcement of the next round of evaluation in the auditorium. Out of impatience, some impetuous grunt disciples began yelling.

"What's wrong?

The first round ended a long time ago!

Why is there still no announcement about the next round of evaluation? We're all getting anxious here."

Another one added," Yes, we've been waiting here for a long time."

After letting the disciple finish speaking, Evan interrupted to reprimand them.

"Take it easy. Tin hasn't come out yet. Who told you that the first round has already ended?"

As he blurted out the words, Evan stared at the disciples ferociously, irritated by their impatience.

The mere mention of Austin's name by Evan had them shutting up.

They knew better than to make any rash remarks.

Grunt disciples knew too well how aggressive and fearsome Austin was. Since he and Evan were best friends, the latter's position had improved tremendously. Every grunt disciple was aware that Austin would be offended if they displeased Evan.

The exchange of words had Matias crossing his arms and laying his hands on his shoulders. The man looked sullen and lost in thought.

After several minutes, he looked thoughtful. It was likely that he was thinking of Austin.

Inside the auditorium, several stewards were now fidgeting in their seats.

"Ms. Dai, you're an elder of our sect. Based on your observations, has he broken the rules?" one asked.

"How should I know?

Go ask other elders of our sect!" the sole female steward remarked.

She was just as impatient a

utside the Training Field. The spectators that had crowded around the field, and even stewards in the auditorium were running out of patience.

As people became more restless, they turned noisy. The sounds of impatience growing louder and louder. The din inside the entire Martial Arts Performing Field was akin to water boiling in a cauldron.

It was Austin, who was sweating all over as he remained busy fighting dummies inside the passageway. That was the cause of all the noise.

He would rest on the spot if he got tired of fighting the dummies and ran out of strength.

When drained of strength, he boosted himself through the vital energy stone inside his elixir field from time to time.

By this time, Austin had already traveled for 150 meters inside the passageway.

After waiting for so long for the next round of evaluation, a rotund steward lost his composure and complained loudly to his peers.

"Steward Ouyang, don't you think it would be impossible to complete today's promotion exercise if we just continue waiting here doing nothing?

Is that guy an iron man? It appears that he is not getting tired at all," he said about Austin.

His words forced a smiled out of the other stewards.

The observation, though sarcastic, sounded plausible. Austin had been inside the passageway for quite a long time. But based on their orbs, they sensed he was still energetic. More astounding was the fact that he likely defeated each dummy on the fifth level of the Energy Gathering Realm using no more than four moves.

"It seems his vital energy is truly mighty.

Well, there is no more time for him to go ahead.

Ask someone to inform him that the evaluation is over," Steward Ouyang directed.

After careful study, he finally made his decision.

A few moments later, Austin's rangy figure finally appeared at the small passageway beside the gate of the Training Field, and the young disciple walked out slowly.

As he did so, all eyes were trained on him.

The young warrior was at the center of attention.

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