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   Chapter 78 A Surprising Tactic

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Outside the Training Field...

With orbs clutched in their hands, several stewards in charge sensed what was happening in the Training Field.

One of them said," Two more disciples have reached the fifty-meter line."

"The speed at which they performed is quite impressive," another one remarked. "It seems there are several talented grunt disciples in this batch," he added.

Suddenly, one steward saw something unusual. "Something's wrong. Why is that disciple walking back? He was the first to reach the fifty-meter line. He has only reached a distance of fifty-three or fifty-four meters. Why is he giving up?"

Someone agreed with him. "Right. Judging from his performance just now, I think he can walk a distance of at least sixty meters."

All the stewards shook their heads in pity.

Based on his earlier performance, they thought Austin would further surprise them and make this promotion test of grunt disciples different from all others.

No one expected the young disciple to walk back after reaching fifty-three or fifty-four meters.

"Is he not aware that if he wants to give up, all he needs to do is throw the token and leave either side of the corridor?

This guy may have a good cultivation base, but he doesn't appear to be thinking clearly," one steward sighed in disappointment.

His fellow stewards shared his sentiment.

They continued to watch the field. Then almost at the same time, many of them felt something was not right.

Something strange was happening in the field.

"What is that disciple doing?" one of them said.

Another one started to say something but paused.

"Is he provoking the dummies on both sides of the corridor? That's rather strange. Instead of moving, he's resorting to doing something boring?" the steward voiced his concern.

Suddenly, one steward called out," The dummy he provoked has reacted!"

"He has defeated that dummy!" another one declared.

"Twenty vital energy crystals for his maneuver!" one steward said in awe.

The first one announced," He's provoking the second dummy."

"He got twenty more vital energy crystals!" another one shouted.

Now, all the stewards were focusing on every move Austin made in the Training Field. Now and then, a voice would cry out in surprise to break the concentration.

At the sound, the stewards would look at one another, their faces suddenly filled with awareness.

Did this guy provoke the dummies, one after the other, in order to take the vital energy crystals from them?

The stewards in charge of the promotion test knew very well that dummies in the corridors would be annoyed and react when attacked by a vital energy force.

They had yet to figure

tin taught Matias' follower a lesson, he had gained a bad reputation among other grunt disciples, and now they were witnessing an even more malicious style employed by him.

Some of these grunt disciples had bullied Austin in the past, and were now restless, fearful that he would get even with them in the future.

On the other hand, those who didn't browbeat the young man in the past resolved never to get on Austin's bad side.

These days, no one thought of Austin as an idiot that other grunt disciples could bully or look down on after he beat Matias' follower.

"Tin, what are you doing?"

It was Evan who called out. He had likewise reached the fifty-meter line and passed the first test successfully.

But his whole body was black and blue. He obviously went through a very tough fight.

"Nothing! Can't you see that I'm making money?

Get out of here if you've passed the test!" Austin said impatiently.

He continued with what he was doing and was annoyed at being bothered.

Having little strength to forge ahead, Evan scratched his head before throwing his token and leaving the field.

Other disciples were just overjoyed at reaching the fifty-meter line and passing the test. No one else chose to move on.

After a while, only Austin and the dummies in rows were left in the gloomy corridor.

By this time, Austin had defeated every dummy standing between the fifty and sixty-meter mark.

There were forty dummies in level four of the Energy Gathering Realm, and Austin got eight hundred vital energy crystals in all.

Matias, meanwhile, decided to give up after defeating two dummies at level five of the Energy Gathering Realm, once he reached the distance of seventy-five meters.

At this point, only Austin was the remaining human in the Training Field!

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