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   Chapter 74 A Training Field Full Of Dummies

Rebirth of Martial God By Changdu Characters: 5868

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Denali had been at the Martial Arts Performing Field for a long time. When she saw Austin, she had walked over to greet him.

"Sign up? Is that necessary?"

Since Evan and Austin had just arrived, they were unclear about the rules.

"Yep. The grunt disciples who want to participate in the promotion test must sign up at the registry desk."

Denali answered.

Enlightened, Austin hurriedly took Evan to the registry desk next to the auditorium to sign up.

As soon as Denali approached Austin, another onlooker shot him a hateful glare.

Matias, accompanied by a dozen grunt disciples, stood across the Martial Arts Performing Field. He glared at Austin.

These days, instead of making trouble for Austin, he had spent most of his time cultivating. Therefore, he was pretty confident that he would be promoted.

After finishing the process of signing up, Austin and Evan walked back to Denali. Just as they were about to sit down, a group of people approached them.

They were Matias and his fellows.

Expressionlessly, Austin cast a slow glance over the grunt disciples beside Matias.

Since Austin had beaten them the last time, they were afraid of him. It was under pressure from Matias that they had come over.

After they saw Austin's cold glare, their hearts began to pound harder. They quickly withdrew their eyes, so as not to look at him directly.

"I heard that a separate competition will be held later to rank the top three disciples in the promotion test. You'd better pray that you won't meet me. Otherwise, I will break your feet without mercy."

Matias threatened.

"Don't you feel weird, Evan? It's already autumn, but why are there so many stinky flies around? They are annoying."

Austin turned


"Everyone, let me finish."

The middle-aged man spoke again.

"Whoever passes the distance of 50 meters will pass the test. However, if you think you can keep on going, we encourage you to do that.

As you know, the dummies in the training field are embedded with vital energy crystals. The sect has decided that participants can keep the vital energy crystals from the dummies they defeat if you cross the 50-meter mark."

His words aroused another discussion.

Austin was tempted.

It was said that a huge number of vital energy crystals were needed to activate the dummies.

He had hoped to defeat some dummies and earn vital energy crystals, as he was left with less than a thousand vital energy crystals in his Space Ring.

To learn the Raging Dragon Fist, Evan had spent the thousand vital energy crystals that Austin had given him.

Besides, Austin had given Evan another five hundred vital energy crystals to continue his study of the cultivation method.

Austin now felt a little embarrassed because he was running out of money.

It would be good for him to earn some vital energy crystals.

The thought excited Austin.

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