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   Chapter 73 The Promotion Trial Started

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After his return to Sun Sect, Austin lost himself in cultivation for several days.

He had progressed in his refinement to the third stage of the Wind-commanding Skill.

The first stage of this skill was called Feeling the Wind, while the second stage was called Knowing the Wind. These two steps were the fundamentals for later stages of this cultivation.

Austin understood that to acquire a good command of these necessary skills, he would have to cultivate for an extended period persistently.

Although he had started his cultivation at the third stage with the aid of the wind, it didn't mean that he could stop his refinement for Feeling the Wind and Knowing the Wind.

Instead, he had to make time to advance the cultivation of these two basic skills, because the extent to which he would be able to master the Wind-commanding Skill depended on how deeply he could comprehend wind, a unique form of energy in the universe.

Having taken advantage of the mighty power of his spiritual soul, Austin had cultivated the essential skills of Feeling the Wind and Knowing the Wind very well.

Hence, his cultivation progressed quickly when he started the third stage cultivation for Using the Wind.

Since he had practiced and pondered over this cultivation process for some days, Austin had vaguely understood certain knacks for Using the Wind.

In practicing this skill, he could move swiftly, like a ghost. Compared with his abilities before the practice, he now moved faster and far more flexibly.

Apart from the cultivation of the Wind-commanding Skill for Using the Wind, Austin had spent part of his time in cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture, because a cultivator's underlying strengths were reflected from his or her improvements in cultivation base of vital energy.

During his cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture, Austin discovered another phenomenon.

He could absorb a great deal of vital energy from his surroundings every time he cultivated the Golden Sun Scripture.

The amount of vital energy that he acquired during this cultivation was much higher than what he could during his cultivation of the Purple Yang Formula.

Austin would have reached a far higher realm had he absorbed such an enormous amount of vital energy while cultivating the Purple Yang Formula.

Recently, the little spot near his belly had increased in size during his cultivation. In the meantime, he had accumulated a growing amount of vital energy. In spite of this, no sign showed that his vital energy was reaching a higher level. Now, his vital energy was still at the sixth-level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

Austin never expected that such a tremendous amount of vital energy was necessary to reach a higher realm when cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture.

He thought that he could have reached the seventh-level of the Energy Gathering Realm had he kept on practicing the Purple Yang Formula.

At this thought, he felt a little regretful.

However, Austin felt joyous that the life energy inside his body was growing stronger, although he had failed to reach a higher level in terms of vital energy.

He estimated that based on the growing energy inside his body, he would be able to confront opponents who had reached the seventh or perhaps even the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.



Although Violet was a demonic beast at the third level, most elders of Sun Sect had made significant achievements in the middle and later stages at the Earth Realm of vital energy. Theon, as head of the sect, had yielded substantive results in the Mysterious Realm of vital energy.

Violet estimated that her strength was as mighty as human beings' at the early stage of the Earth Realm.

When the first rays of the sunlight pushed past the clouds and shone upon the land, the Martial Arts Performing Field at Sun Sect had been filled with shouts and screams. All of a sudden, the entire field had a lively atmosphere.

When Austin and Evan arrived at the field, they found it was rather noisy. Looking ahead, they found it was swarming with people.

Almost all grunt disciples had reported for the promotion exercise. What's more, everyone present was in high spirits.

If they were selected today, they would be promoted from their inferior status as grunt disciples.

Evan was a little nervous about participating in the promotion exercise. He rubbed his fists and wiped his palms many times. It was natural for him to feel antsy, restless, and anxious.

Recently, he had concentrated on practicing the Raging Dragon Fist day and night so wholeheartedly and attentively that he had forgotten to eat and sleep. Up till now, he had mastered the basic skills of Raging Dragon Fist, but he still lacked confidence.

As Austin saw this part of Evan, he patted him on his shoulder and encouraged him not to be so nervous. Austin took him to an area near the Martial Arts Performing Field and found a place for them to sit and wait for the selection.

At this time, many people had found seats at the auditorium. As they waited, they spoke to each other casually.

The people present comprised of intermediate managerial staff of the sect who were in charge of this promotion, most of them stewards.

Nevertheless, Austin didn't see Murray or Johnson. It seemed that they hadn't been dispatched to take charge of this promotion exercise for grunt disciples.

"Austin, have you enlisted for this promotion exercise?"

Suddenly, a slender and beautiful person asked as she approached Austin. It was Denali.

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