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   Chapter 72 She Is Mine

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The sultry and charming woman winked at Austin. Mischief and allure flickered in her beautiful eyes.

"You know, Master, you can have me now, if you want to," she giggled slightly.

Her sweet, delicate voice was like a gentle warm hand patting him, and incessantly drew out the most primitive desires from the bottom of his heart.

However, Austin deflected her attempts.

"Shut up! Am I that kind of a lewd person?" he said.

"Besides, I'm a man, while you're just an animal!" he almost shouted.

He hurriedly turned around, afraid to look at the woman's enchanting beauty again.

"Show your true form, or else I'll stop being nice and punish you instead," he demanded seriously.

The truth was he was terrified that if the situation kept going on like this, he would really succumb to his primitive desires that surged in his body.

A green light flashed; then the charming woman vanished and was replaced by the little demon fox.

However, she looked rather sick and her breathing was very weak. Austin began to worry a little about her.

"How's your injury? I hope it's not as serious as you look," he asked worriedly.

"Master, my injury is quite severe--it may take a long time for me to recover," the little fox said feebly.

It was very frail and Austin hardly heard its small voice.

"A long time? Do I need to stay here and wait for your recovery?" Austin asked earnestly. "That's not necessary," the fox replied.

She opened her mouth, then a purple bead appeared on her paw.

Her eyes looked at Austin and she showed him the purple bead.

"Master, do you have a Space Ring?" she then asked.

"Yeah, I do have one," he replied.

His hand reached to the inner pockets of his clothes, and took out the Space Ring which he had but previously belonged to Rafat. He had kept it there to prevent others from stealing the valuable object.

"That would be great," the fox said happily.

"I was born with this Illusion Bead inside my body. I can hide in the bead while I recover. Master, you can just put this Illusion Bead in your Space Ring," she added and handed him the bead.

Austin was delighted and thought that it was a great idea.

Otherwise, the demon fox would have to follow him wherever he went. That would be rather inconvenient for him, and also attract a lot of unnecessary attention.

"By the way, would these help you recover?" he asked.

He took out two earth spirit fruits as he spoke, and threw them to the demon fox.

Now that he was the fox's master, he decided to be more generous to her.

The little demon fox took the fruits and examined them. She was pleasantly surprised when she felt the large amounts of vital energy from the earth spirit fruits.

"Master, these two fruits are full of vit

subordinate. She works for me now and won't trouble us anymore," he explained.

Then he turned to Violet and ordered," Violet, get rid of the deluding scent in Mindy's body now."

In turn, Violet waved her hand then a green smoke came out. It entered Mindy's nose to remove the effect of the deluding scent. Mindy couldn't help but sneeze, then her vital energy came back and spread to her whole body again.

"Austin, what is this all about?" Mindy asked doubtfully.

She just felt that everything that happened was so weird.

"Anyway, you just need to know that Violet is a friend now and not an enemy, and don't ask me more questions," Austin said flatly.

He refused to explain everything in detail to Mindy.

Mindy had no choice now but to swallow all her unanswered questions. Although she and Austin had known each other for a while, they weren't close enough to share every secret to each other.

If Austin didn't want to explain, then she wouldn't probe into his secrets.

Shortly after, Austin asked Violet to release all the remaining men and women who were still alive.

After they were released, Violet's body transformed and then she hid inside the Illusion Bead. Her injuries were still far from recovering, so she needed a lot of time to recuperate.

The sight of Violet's body just turning into a green smoke and floating into the purple bead shocked Mindy. She really wanted to ask Austin more about what happened.

However, since Austin had no intention of doing that, she could only stare angrily at him and remain quiet.

Austin hid the Illusion Bead inside his Space Ring, and rushed back to Sun Sect with Mindy.

The selection trials for the promotion of grunt disciples would be coming soon.

This time, Austin was determined to be promoted. He intended to get up from where he had fallen down.

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