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   Chapter 71 Willing To Be Your Slave

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Even if Austin had seen how badly injured the demonic fox was with his own eyes, he still kept his guard up. After all, he was facing a level three demonic beast that surely had special skills.

"Ugh! I've seen beasts like you multiple times, and you're not that powerful. Your tricks don't work on me," Austin said coldly.

Although he spoke fiercely, he remained calm as usual.

The small demonic fox looked crestfallen. She was annoyed at her carelessness, which almost killed her.

Never had she been hurt so badly until now. She loathed Austin so much, and his sneering face only made her angrier.

Suddenly, the fox let out a shrill cry.

Her usually soft fur got longer, and each hair strand became straight as needles. To Austin's eyes, her body looked like a hedgehog that would explode. Then a cloud surrounded the fox, and its colors alternated from blue, red, and white.

The demonic aura the fox emitted frightened Austin. The level three demonic beast was much stronger than a level two one. Even without using an illusion, her strength alone was forceful enough.

Her green eyes stared at Austin. Suddenly, she raised her right paw and scratched in the air. A black fox paw figure appeared in the sky. It was two dozen larger than the fox and had as much demonic power.

Austin didn't dare to underestimate the fox paw's power and worked up his skills as well. His two hands swiftly made different gestures then small golden snakes appeared from his palms. Their slender bodies slithered everywhere like mad.

Then, a three-layer golden pagoda emerged from Austin's palms. He was delighted to find out that his Golden Sun Scripture improved the pagoda's strength. Its immense power was palpable throughout the area.

Meanwhile, the demonic fox looked alarmingly at the three-layer golden pagoda. She seemed to have thought of something, then pointed her paw at the huge black fox paw-like figure.

The black fox paw immediately charged at Austin with its immense demonic aura.

This was Austin's first time to fight with his Grand Pagoda, so he had expected his opponent's move. Before the huge fox paw could come near him, he started to make the pagoda move.

The three-layer golden pagoda quivered slightly at first, then it released a wave of powerful force and attacked the black fox paw.


The two forces collided with each other and released waves of power like an explosion. Rocks were scattered everywhere, and the ground shook for a second.

However, the demonic fox's spiritual soul had been injured badly. At this moment, she only got to use half of her demonic power.

On the other hand, Austin's golden pagoda was made up of his seventy percent vital energy, and its strength was already on par with the fox paw.

'Go!' he mentally commanded.

He fought and mentally directed the golden pagoda towards the fox paw. Its golden exterior shined brightly as if to tell the fox that it feared nothing at all.


The stones on the ground flew everywhere again, and the whole cave started to shake violently. Rocks fell down from the cave's ceiling and walls.

After the second collision, the fox paw almost disappeared.

In turn, Austin was extremely ecstatic that his Grand Pagoda could easily defeat the fox paw.

ation to make his spiritual sense on her spiritual soul since his spiritual sense was at such a low level. If the little fox couldn't accept it, she would die and her soul would disappear.

Austin followed the little fox's instructions carefully. He pulled one piece of his own spiritual soul and willed it to enter the little fox's Soul Sea.

This was his first time to enter someone else's Soul Sea, and not to mention a Soul Sea of a level three demonic fox.

The Soul Sea was filled with a demonic aura, which frequently fluctuated. Above the Soul Sea was a figure of the little fox—it was the demonic fox's beast soul.

Austin commanded his piece of spiritual sense and attached it to the beast soul.

Although the demonic fox wasn't actually willing to accept it, she was pliant enough to be under Austin's control. Shortly after, he had finished attaching his spiritual sense to the demonic fox.

After they were done, he immediately felt a strange sensation that the demonic fox's life was really under his control. If he wanted it, he could easily ask the demonic fox to die.

That piqued his curiosity, so he tried to think about it. The little demonic fox instantly shrieked miserably, and her body shook and twitched under Austin's harsh torture.

In turn, Austin stopped thinking about it at once. "I'm sorry. I was just curious," he apologized.

He was quite satisfied with the result, as he could control the fox completely. However, he still apologized to her for inflicting pain.

"It's okay. I am the Master's slave, you can let me live or die as you please," the little fox said.

Even if she had just been tortured harshly, she didn't dare to show her displeasure. She looked submissive and obedient, and stared fawningly at Austin.

When he saw the little fox's facial expression, he realized something.

"The charming woman I saw just now was your illusion, wasn't she?" he asked.

"Yes, master," the little demotic fox answered.

Right after she finished her sentence, a beam of green light flashed, and the demonic fox disappeared. In her place was the charming girl that Austin saw before.

It really was an illusion of the little demonic fox.

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