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   Chapter 70 Revealing the Master's Identity

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During their whole stay in the cave, they received simple dishes from some thinly clad women.

Each day, a couple of young men were taken out of the cave, but they never came back. And everyone was clear that this wasn't a good omen.

Then on the fourth day, all the female in the cave were taken out by some glamorous young ladies.

Those inside the cave felt like they were paralyzed by certain poison and couldn't defend themselves. They couldn't help but let the young ladies order them around.

Before she was forced out of the cave, Mindy shot a rueful look at Austin because she knew that, like the others, she might not return, either.

"Everything will be fine. Trust me, I'm working on it."

Austin tried to console her. That was the only thing he could do right now.

When Austin was caught by an attractive woman, the smell of her alluring fragrance left a mark on his olfactory. He reckoned that it must be a deluding potion that hindered the operation of the vital energy.

So in the past days, Austin had been discreetly practicing the Golden Sun Scripture in the attempt to repel the scent that was suppressing his vital energy.

Since this cultivation method was the most masculine among all the cultivation methods in the world according to the general principles of the Golden Sun Scripture, Austin figured that it might be able to curb the effect of the elusive scent.

Just after two days of practice, Austin started to regain some control over his vital energy.

'Seems that Golden Sun Scripture is surely remarkable. Although its effect is not very conspicuous after a short practice.'

He thought that the lack of satisfying result was due to his insufficient practice of the Golden Sun Scripture. After all, his current cultivation was practically based on his study on the Purple Yang Formula.

Be that as it may, Austin kept practicing the Golden Sun Scripture continuously since he realized that it could negate the effect of the deluding scent inside his body.

Finally, the cultivation method worked its magic. Austin sensed that he was gradually recovering his strength and vital energy.

It was exactly the thing he told Mindy that he was working on before she was taken out of the cave.

However, Austin was still clueless about the power of that attractive woman. Even if he recovered all his vital energy, he probably could not match that woman with his current sixth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

By the seventh day, there were only four men left in the cave.

Each of them was shuddering in fear, worried that they would be the next target.

Then their biggest fear finally came upon them.

They watched as the iron door swung open with a creak

and two young women came in.

They studied the remaining four males before walking towards Austin.

The other three sighed in relief then darted gloating looks at Austin.

Aware of their spiteful glances, Austin shook his head. 'Those guys are just unbelievable. Even though we are on the same boat now, they can still think about scheming against one another!'

As he was being escorted out of the cave, he was wrapped by the unique fragrance of the two stunning beauties. But instead of being flustered, Austin sniffed hard and complimented the good scent they brought in.

The two young women were surprised for a moment but then burst into a gale of giggles

ttacking with spiritual sense, one should bear it in mind that it was a risky move if the spiritual sense of his opponent was stronger than his. The one with the weakest spiritual sense would be subdued by the one with a stronger spiritual sense which could, in turn, harm the first's own spiritual sense.

The three magic foxes in the Beast Mountain did the same thing, so as a result, they were maimed by Austin's spiritual sense and got killed.

This experience helped Austin sensed what was in the cave.

He realized that the cave was just an illusion but this one was more advanced than that cast by the three magic foxes in the Beast Mountain.

Despite that, Austin wasn't afraid because the power of his spiritual sense had also doubled since the Beast Mountain encounter. Thus, when he noticed the woman was manipulating him with an illusion, he became more confident that the woman's spiritual sense was a little weaker than his.

With the small gap in their power, Austin was able to discover where the trap was as soon as he came into that cave.

But apart from her feeble spiritual sense, Austin also noticed that the cave was infused with overwhelmingly demonic aura. From then, Austin could tell that she was a three-grade demonic beast.

Thus, he decided to play along at first. He pretended to have been deluded before throwing out his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle at a critical moment.

When the illusion vanished, that beguiling woman in bed disappeared, and so did that bed and the red rugs in the cave. There was only a small fox with sleek pink fur sprawling on the ground, her mouth bleeding but her hateful eyes transfixed on Austin.

Judging by her lethargic breathing, Austin knew that the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle injured her severely.

Given that she was halfway through casting the illusion when she was hit, it was her spiritual sense that was harmed in the collision.

"This can't be! You're merely a human being at level six of Energy Gathering Realm. How come you possess such a strong spiritual sense?"

That fox spoke in man's language, her voice filled with bitterness.

'She sure is a three-grade demonic beast!' As he sensed the dense demonic aura, Austin knew that he didn't underestimate the opponent.

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