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   Chapter 69 Illusion

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9180

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As a gentle, tinkling giggle filled the air, the crowd looked around. As if on cue, the mist ahead of them parted.

A dozen of beautiful girls stepped through the thinning mist. Their scantily clad bodies revealed their perfect figures.

Soft and effeminate music filled the air, and the girls smiled gracefully at all the people. They danced to music and circled the crowd.

Each of these young and beautiful girls was attractive. They had different figures, but every one of them was a feast to the eye.

As the young ladies danced gracefully, they threw seductive, shy glances at the crowd. Each was trying their best to showcase their most attractive side.

Occasionally, they would show some tantalizing expressions or moves to tempt them.

The men in the crowd were immediately captivated. They breathed heavily as the animal desire which lay deep in them was stirred.

As they watched the girls dancing, the men swallowed hard, and their eyes lit up.

Suddenly, the dancing girls formed two lines and separated. From the middle, a fascinating and charming woman emerged. She sauntered toward the crowd.

She was incredibly attractive and sexy.

Clad in tight, pink clothes, the perfect lines of her body were on display for everyone to see. Her beautiful face was one of a kind, and her movements were lithe and graceful.

She had fair skin, long and slender legs, perfect narrow waist, and a firm butt. She wore a pair of wooden shoes that laid bare her delicate toes. What a lovely girl!

Her straight, fine nose and luscious lips mesmerized the men. Her fair-skinned and cream-like cheeks also left the men spell-bound.

She danced delicately like a willow, and seemed fragile as if a gentle breeze would snap her.

There was a rice grain sized teardrop shaped mole under the corner of her right eye. It made her look all the more glamorous.

The slight blush on her cheeks, and her posture triggered the imagination of the men.

Anyone who caught her eye, no matter male or female, would be captivated by her. Before long, everyone's eyes were glued to her.

Her glistening eyes were magical! They directed the spiritual souls of the onlookers and tugged at their heartstrings.

The audience was fascinated by her. They stood still, gaping at her as if they had forgotten all other things.

However, Austin was the only one who sensed that something was amiss. They had been led here by the two young men on the promise of discovering an Ancient Relic. Instead, they had found exquisitely beautiful women. What was worse, everyone seemed to have lost control, as though hypnotized by the woman.

He assumed that the woman in the middle was responsible.

Fortunately, Austin had a

said," I don't know what happened. I woke and found us like this. This must be that woman's doing! I can't move now."

Mindy struggled to move, only to find that she had no strength either.

Mindy knew that Austin did not do this to her. But all logic had flown out of her mind. She was focused on the fact that she was lying in a man's arms and feeling his masculine body. She was a straightforward woman, and it was hard for her to think rationally in this situation.

She couldn't help but glare at Austin.

"I am warning you. If you dare to make any move, I will not forgive you!"

"I haven't done anything. And I can't move. Not even a bit."

Austin smiled with resignation.

"Where are we?"

"Why am I here?"

"Damn, we fell into their tricks. Where are the men who brought us there?"

"They cheated us."

All the people who had followed the two young men from the market to the valley were also in the cave with Austin and Mindy. As they woke from their enchantment, they cried out with fright.

As they were shouting and trying to free themselves, the iron gate squeaked as it swung open.

Two young girls dressed in thin garments entered.

"Bitch! Shame on you!"

Mindy ground her teeth and cursed.

The girls who had come were both seductively dressed and were very open. They seemed to have no idea what shame was.

The two girls walked to a young man and grabbed his arms and lifted him. They dragged him to his feet with each girl holding one of his arms and began walking him out.

The young man was terrified.

"Where are you taking me? Where am I now? And who are you? "

But the girls only covered their mouths and chuckled at his questions. They dragged him out of the cave.

The iron door then flung shut, and the lock slid into place with a loud clunk.

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