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   Chapter 68 Ancient Relic

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Austin took five earth spirit fruits out of the Space Ring and gave them to Mindy.

Pleasantly surprised, Mindy touched the fruits with great care. She looked like a little girl who was thrilled at receiving a toy she had long dreamed about.

'She is quite pretty!'

Austin thought as he admired Mindy's slender figure.

"Hey! What are you staring at?"

Mindy blushed and questioned Austin when she noticed his meaningful look.

"Ah! What are you talking about? I wasn't doing anything."

Austin was embarrassed.

"Well, you'd better behave decently. I thought you were a gentleman when we were at Beast Mountain, and now you seem to have a dirty mind."

"There seems to be some misunderstanding here."

Austin found it hard to justify his action.

At the sight of Austin's embarrassed expression, Mindy burst out laughing.

"All right. I was just kidding."

Mindy was an outspoken and jolly young girl. Austin had undoubtedly earned her gratitude when he presented her with the five earth spirit fruits, as Mindy knew that he wasn't obliged to share any with her at all. After all, Austin had risked his life when he fought with Marvin, and so he deserved the fruits.

Considering what he had done, Mindy had formed a good opinion about Austin.

"Are you done, Tin? Please let me know if you are."

Evan's voice could be heard as he walked closer to them. Hesitantly, he glanced at Austin and Mindy.

Austin frowned.

"What the hell are you doing, Evan? Come over here."

Evan ran toward them immediately.

"I thought you were doing something unspeakable! I was mistaken when I heard the flirting words. So I thought ..."

Evan tried to be careful with his wording.

"What are you thinking about ?"

Austin almost choked with anger.

Mindy blushed scarlet and gave Austin a hostile glare.

"Nonsense! Seriously, why are you here, Evan?"

Austin hastened to change the topic.

"I've reached the second level of the Energy Gathering Realm!"

Evan looked truly radiant. Since joining Sun Sect, he had been stuck at the first level of the Energy Gathering Realm. A breakthrough was what he had longed for, but his goal always seemed out of reach.

However, after he consumed the Energy-boosting Elixir that Austin had given him, Evan made it to the second level without much effort.

"Well done. But don't be complacent about your progress. Your cultivation base is still rather low. Here are three earth spirit fruits and the secret manual of the Raging Dragon Fist."

Austin gave Evan the three earth spirit fruits and a manual.

"Ensure that you take only half an Earth Spirit Fruit each time. It's very powerful, and you don't want to be blown up. And don't start practicing the Raging Dragon Fist until you reach the third level of the Energy Gathering Realm."

Austin warned.

Mindy was deeply impressed to see how generous Austin was, both to her and Evan.

"Are you sure these are all for me, Tin?"

Evan was thrilled at the precious gifts from Austin. Although Evan didn't know much about the earth spirit fruits, he could sense their spiritual power. Apparently, they were not just fruits.

As for the Raging Dragon Fist, it was the first secret manual he could own because he was too poor to purchase any.

Austin had helped Evan realize many of his dreams. He couldn't be more thankful!

Their cultivation base would be like a drop in the bucket compared with masters from the Earth Realm.

"All right. I'll give it a shot. But if you are lying to us, well... look at all these people here. They will skin you alive."

A bystander threw 100 vital energy crystals onto the table. If what the men were saying was true, he would earn a good fortune by following them.

Encouraged by the first buyer, many others paid for the information.

In a short moment, the pile of vital energy crystals on the table had grown.

"What do you think, Austin? Would you care to check it out?"

Mindy whispered.

"I might have sensed something unusual. But they are only at the sixth-level of the Energy Gathering Realm, and we've got many hands here. It will be fine. Let's find out."

Austin decided to participate. He placed 200 vital energy crystals on the table.

After a while, the two young men picked up the vital energy crystals with a satisfied smile and guided the crowd east.

After around four hours, they arrived at the entrance of a valley, which was surrounded by tall bamboos.

"The Ancient Relic is in the valley. Get ready! We're about to start the treasure hunt."

One of the young men shouted.

The group of volunteers cheered and prepared for the adventure.

The whole valley was enveloped in mist. The tall and luxuriant bamboos added mystery to the surroundings.

The two young men took the lead and walked into the valley.

The others rushed behind them, as none wanted to be left behind.

It wasn't long before Austin noticed something strange.

The two men had mentioned that third-level beasts had injured them previously. If so, the two young men should have been cautious when leading the group of people. To Austin's surprise, they weren't.

Instead, they boldly led the others into the valley.

"Be careful. Something is wrong," murmured Austin.

After about half an hour, they stopped at a flat vacant area.

"Where on earth is the Ancient Relic?"

Someone else had also sensed the danger and questioned.

"There, there. What an impatient virgin!"

An alluring voice was suddenly heard. The woman breathed hard and moaned with enjoyment, sending out lustful information.

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