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   Chapter 66 The First Affection In The New World (Part Two)

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The Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was well-known for the harm it caused. And so, Austin could not dare to be careless.

Even though he had gone through all the cultivation methods that were mentioned in the book several times, Austin looked through them for the last time. He started to feel brave enough to begin his cultivation.

He closed his eyes and began concentrating all his attention on the cultivation method he had just learned. At the beginning of the cultivation, Austin held out his hands and crossed his fingers into a rather odd position. A few seconds later, as his spirit gradually summoned his vital energy, it began to flow through his veins.

Then, a short while later, streams of golden, radiant vital energy penetrated through his veins and came out from between his palms.

Like a golden, delicate snake that was sliding up a tree, the vital energy began curling around Austin's hands. After a moment, the mysterious golden vital energy began to gather together and formed the shape of a tower base.

However, a clicking sound was heard and then, the tower base dispersed.

As he had expected, the cultivation process was not easy. Austin was supposed to continue utilizing his vital energy and forming it into a solid tower base instead of just an illusionary form. He failed in his first try.

Austin was not discouraged at all, however. He understood that the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was not a trivial cultivation skill that could easily be cultivated by anyone. The challenge in practicing the skill also explained why it had a strong, formidable power.

After bracing himself for some moments, Austin began again.

Then, he failed.

He tried once more, and failed again.

Every time the result was the same.

Hours went by, but Austin did not even think of taking a break. Again and again, he tried harder and harder. The rapture of his cultivation had so arrested his mind that Austin didn't pay the slightest attention to his physical weariness.

His finger motions became more profi

energy meridian vibrated immensely.

Apparently, the chilly blow of the Three-layer Grand Pagoda was so strong that it intercepted the direction of the vital energy of the Golden Sun Scripture skill. Like a furious predator that was being challenged over a large, powerful prey, its movement was swift and astoundingly aggressive.

The strength of the vital energy of the Golden Sun Scripture skill was not weak, however.

Having withstood the vibrant attack for a while, the vital energy's domineering nature gradually revealed itself. As if it were a young, energetic, wild bull that was being attacked, all its muscles were surcharged and became full of energy, and its mind was filled with the eagerness of overpowering its attacker.

The collision and confrontation continued for a while.

During this time, Austin did not dare to relax. Large drops of perspiration trickled down his face as he strove to withstand the force of the confrontation.

He also had to bear the pain that the battle inflicted on him quietly. Otherwise, he would fail. Any tiny flaw could bring him severe injury, or death.

To resist the attack of the chilly air that the Three-layer Grand Pagoda produced, Austin had to release more vital energy from his elixir field. So, he summoned all of his Golden Sun Scripture Skill to release as much vital energy as he could.

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