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   Chapter 65 The First Affection In The New World (Part One)

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Nevertheless, having known the reason, Austin felt a certain degree of excitement of finding such a precious treasure here.

He had now known that this Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill had two weaknesses; one was the powerful, significant spiritual sense that it required from the cultivator, and the other was the enormous amount of vital energy it would consume during the process of cultivation. It was said that at least 70% of the vital energy of a cultivator was needed, which was an extremely high amount that an ordinary disciple would never dare to lose.

To Austin, however, the weaknesses could be advantageous for he already had a powerful spiritual sense. This was a requirement for the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill cultivation. The vital energy stone in the elixir field that he had previously obtained could be used to replenish his vital energy during cultivation. And so, he didn't need to worry about how much vital energy was being consumed.

Therefore, this Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill seemed to have been made especially for him. The idea of trying it out appealed to Austin.

Apart from the fact that it was a grade four martial arts skill, the destructive force that it demonstrated was also pretty tempting.

Till now, Austin hadn't been able to acquire a relatively strong and aggressive martial arts skill.

When practicing at Beast Mountain, he had used his Cloud Swordsmanship to eliminate the diabolic beasts that he had encountered.

If by any chance, he could cultivate this Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, he would at least earn a decent weapon. And right now, Austin seemed to have obtained the necessary knowledge and resources that the cultivation required.

"I will choose this Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill," Austin said to the old man in charge.

"After what I told you, you still want it?" cried the man in surprise.

He had thought that after his long speech and his lengthy introduction to the disadvantages of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, no one would dare to select it. It was beyond his expectation that

Energy Gathering Realm.

And he knew that once Evan had reached the third-level of the Energy Gathering Realm, he would be competent enough to practice the Raging Dragon Fist he had bought for Evan.

As he was exchanging the Raging Dragon Fist for his contribution credits, Austin heard the old man grumbling," You young people are always impetuous. You have insatiable eagerness to see and try everything that seems powerful and attractive to you. Even after knowing the dangers, you are determined. I advise you to pay extra attention to what you have just chosen today, young man."

Austin grinned, nodded his head, and did not say anything. After collecting both, his Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill and the Raging Dragon Fist, he walked out of the Sacred Scriptures Library.

It was a quiet and peaceful evening. The moon was extremely large and bright.

The moon hung low in the sky, pouring its silver, luminous light over the earth. Perfect silence and serenity surrounded the mountain.

In the cottage, Austin sat on the bed with his legs crossed. With steady, attentive eyes, he watched the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill that was placed in front of him after supper.

From time to time, he raised his head and contemplated over the content of the book in his mind. And then, as he finished memorizing all of its content, he drew a deep, long breath to relax.

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