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   Chapter 62 Spectral Claw

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Finally, the long sword collided with the black claw.

The latter stopped attacking for a short moment, then with a string of slight metallic sounds, Austin's long sword broke into sections.

Just then, the black claw that was wrapped in strong vital energy flew toward Austin's head.

Austin spat out the blood pooling in his mouth. He moved his feet and tried to summon the Wind-commanding Skill.

However, under the immense pressure of the enormous black claw, Austin couldn't move flexibly. He managed to take a sideways step, but he couldn't dodge the claw. It struck him on the right shoulder.

Austin felt as though his insides were burning as the intensity of the collision was akin to being struck by lightning. The power of the blow also forced Austin back. Even though he dug his heels into the ground, he was pushed several feet back. Two deep trenches had been carved into the ground behind him. The act of defending against the attack had almost used up all of Austin's vital energy.

Battling with a cultivator of the Earth Realm, Austin seemed weak. And he was injured with the first blow.

Fortunately, he had summoned the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle and decreased the power of Johnson's attack. Otherwise, he would have been injured more severely.

In fact, Johnson was even more surprised than Austin was. He had gained much fame because of the Spectral Claw, and he knew how powerful it was. He had killed many cultivators at the Earth Realm with this skill.

Johnson figured that Austin had reached the level sixth of the Energy Gathering Realm in vital energy cultivation. He wondered why Austin had only been injured, although badly, but not killed by his attack.

Besides, he suspected that Austin had used some skill to cause the sharp pain he had felt in his brain.

"Well, it's no wonder that you were called the best outer disciple before. However, you have used up your vital energy now, and you have no chance of survival," Johnson snorted.

Just then, another black claw which was bigger than the last one formed in front of him. The vital energy around it was even more astonishing.

Sensing how weak he had become, Austin knew that his vital

fter being attacked by his Spectral Claw multiple times.

Seeing the gleam in Austin's eyes, Johnson suspected that he had found a way to recover his vital energy quickly.

In his opinion, even if Austin's competence was much higher than cultivators at the same cultivation level as him, it was impossible for him to recover so soon.

Remembering the sharp pains he had suffered twice, Johnson estimated that Austin must have done something to him.

'He is such a freak!

If he keeps on cultivating, he will reach an incredible level in the future!

If I don't do something now, I will have an unbeatable opponent to face later.

No. I won't let that happen! I must kill him while he is still weak.'

Johnson had decided to kill Austin.

Just then, overwhelming vital energy gushed out from his body and inflated the robe he was wearing. As the gown got bigger, a terrifying claw appeared in front of him.


Johnson shouted. Then the black giant claw enlarged significantly and rushed at Austin in the roaring wind.

Austin gritted his teeth and swung his fist with all his vital energy at the giant claw.

"Johnson, stop!"

A loud voice was heard before a person in a purple dress floated toward the two men.

Robust vital energy erupted from his body and formed a giant golden bird that roared as it flew in the air.

The bird's body was covered in an elegant pattern of dense and faint lighting that made it appear mighty.

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