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   Chapter 60 Meet The Old Enemy

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Austin had an ordinary appearance and looked no different from any other disciple, but he had managed such a dazzling achievement!

The other disciples had paid great attention to Austin previously because Marvin had posted a reward of 500 vital energy crystals for clues about Austin.

But they hadn't expected that Austin had such hidden strengths and that he was so powerful.

Herbert was one of them. He looked at Austin dumbfounded.

Not long ago, he had smugly boasted that he had taken Austin's first prize.

But now, it seemed that Austin's contribution credits were twice as much as his!

"Tin, you surprise me. Your score is so much higher than mine. Oh, my God."

complained Herbert as he looked at Austin helplessly.

Austin reclaimed his Jade Badge. The other outer disciples stepped forward, one after another, to exchange cores they had gathered for contribution credits.

Most of them had got just a few credits.

These outer disciples, who adventured in the Beast Mountain, had joined Sun Sect two or three years ago. Most of them were at the fourth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

Considering their strength, if they wanted to kill a first-level diabolic beast or a second-level monster beast, they needed to cooperate with several outer disciples. Only then would they be likely to kill the beast.

Therefore, presenting three or five cores of first-level diabolic beasts or second-level monster beasts was an excellent harvest for them.

Given their current strength, these outer disciples didn't dare to attack second-level diabolic beasts.

Soon after, another person startled everyone once again.

It was Lara. Since she took out sixteen beast cores, she earned 16 credits.

Up till now, she had surpassed Austin and gained the most contribution credits among the outer disciples

was confident that he could escape unharmed.

Therefore, he was in a very calm mood. He waited patiently to see what Marvin's next action was.

Seeing Austin's calm expression and smile, Marvin became enraged. A cold expression reflected in his eyes, and he became more aggressive. Marvin's gray robe fluttered as the vital energy surged through his body.

No one had been able to frustrate him as much as Austin.

Marvin thought of the 23 earth spirit fruits in Austin's hand and became more bothered.

All the disciples could feel the fierce strength emanated from Marvin. They were envious of him.

No wonder he ranked fifth among the outer disciples. The momentum he showed had made some outer disciples, who were at a lower level of cultivation base, feel suffocated.

"Austin, you were once the topmost ranked outer disciple. But today, you are doomed to die!"

said Marvin slowly.

Since Marvin's return from Beast Mountain, he had made every effort to investigate Austin.

"Austin? The once topmost outer disciple?"

"Austin, Austin ... Ah, is it him?"

Hearing what Marvin had said, all the disciples were stunned. Then they remembered a legend that had spread widely among the outer disciples.

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