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   Chapter 56 The Vital Energy Stone

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If one were to see things from the monkey's point of view, Austin was only at level six of Energy Gathering Realm with a weak spiritual soul, so it should have been a childish affair to take over his body. Forget about taking over his body, even defeating him should have been as easy as pie.

If it could eliminate Austin's spiritual sense, it would become the new owner of his body. With a brand new healthy body, it could start anew in its cultivation path and soon perhaps could return to the Grand Desolation Mountain and take its revenge one day.

However, it realized that it was gravely at a disadvantage when fighting with Austin's soul. To its surprise, the soul of this mere mortal was much stronger than its own. Perhaps this was because it had lost most of its former power and had been forced into Earth Realm.

Its disadvantage was noticed by Austin as well and he thought that revenge this time, would be best served hot!

Now, he could punish the little bastard for eating his vital energy. Sneering, he chided it, "Aha! Where's your confidence now?

You were quite confident just a while ago. Was it all just banter? Can you do anything but show off and exaggerate? Didn't you just say that you can easily kill thousands of martial cultivators like me?"

It took just a short while to tip the scale completely in Austin's favour. Pinning the monkey down as the fight fell into his dominion, he punched it furiously in the face multiple times.

The violent attack it had sustained had weakened the power of the monkey's soul quickly, and pretty soon, it was in extremely low spirits.

"Try to kill me like you said just now! Didn't you say you could do that without striking a blow? Oh wait! With just a breath! Would you like to blow some air now?"

Austin teased as he continued with his beating.

He had been scared to death when this monkey had suddenly appeared in his Elixir Field, so he was giving full vent to his grudges now that he was in dominion.

Finally giving up to Austin, the monkey suddenly shouted out with resentment.

"No! This is impossible! You are very low in your refining level, but your spiritual sense is as strong as those in the Mysterious Realm. I can't believe it!

I'm the Immortal Monkey King! I can't lose to a weak human scum like you!"

With one burst of what little energy that remained inside it, the monkey struggled and pushed Austin's soul away. The latter lost his balance and fell headlong.

After it had managed to free itself, the monkey quickly jumped into a corner and tried to gather its strength.

'Maybe I could try my Spiritual Sense Flying Needle.'

An idea appeared in Austin's mind. He controlled his spiritual power and produced a flying needle which shot towards the monkey at an extremely high speed.

The monkey was shocked to see Austin's new attack. It had never expected that Austin would not only possess a strong soul but would also have a grasp of spiritual-sense martial skills.

It decided to fight this fire with fire. A flying knife appeared in front of the monkey and collided with the flying needle.

The monkey had been

y, it would be of great help to him.

"Another question, was it the vital energy stone or you that sucked away all the energy from my body?"

The monkey cleared its throat before replying with an embarrassed look. "Emm... Both, actually. My soul was hurt severely. In order to employ a kind of soul-recovering magic which requires an environment with rich vital energy, I absorbed your vital energy into the stone to heal my soul. Otherwise, I would have died.

And before you kill me, you should know... That entire amount of vital energy is still reserved in the stone. I only borrowed it a bit to nourish my soul but didn't consume any of it. If you want to use it, you can take it out of the stone any time you like."

The monkey explained cautiously, afraid that Austin would get angry at it.

After all, it had controlled the vital energy stone to absorb all of the vital energy inside Austin's body and had almost ruined his cultivation.

"You mean that all of the energy from the seven earth spirit fruits is inside the stone and I can use it at any time?"

Austin asked with a surprised look. God, those were seven earth spirit fruits he had consumed! Just imagine how much energy they could produce in total!

When he had eaten a single earth spirit fruit in the Beast Mountain last time, he had almost failed to take in the enormous amount of energy it had released into his meridians. But now, he had the energy of seven earth spirit fruits stored in the vital energy stone, and he could use it at any moment. It was such a big surprise that Austin felt like he was in a dream.

"Is there anything else about the stone? Tell me everything you know about it."

Austin commanded in an icy cold tone as he threatened the monkey with the flying needle.

"There is a cultivation method inside it."

The monkey answered with a weak voice.

"A cultivation method? What grade? What does it do?"

"I know its name is Golden Sun Scripture, but I don't know what grade it is."

"And anything else? Don't try to conceal anything from me!"

Austin threatened mercilessly.

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