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   Chapter 55 The Battle Between Spiritual Souls

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10610

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Sensing the unidentified object in the elixir field of his body, Austin tried to use his vital energy to expel it, though he was hesitant and afraid. If the plan backfired, his own vital energy could be damaged.


Whatever it was, it got stimulated from the energy and purred in a low voice, slowly getting aroused.

Then suddenly, it began to absorb the vital energy from Austin's elixir field with a frantic power that he was unable to resist. It was almost as if there was a magical suction in place.

The suction grew stronger by the second as that thing kept absorbing his vital energy. In just a short while, it had completely swallowed the vital energy that Austin had feverishly, much like a whale devouring its prey.

Austin was deeply shocked and scared. He resisted as hard as he could and tried to avoid the suction with all of his willpower, but what he did was just like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

The scariest thing was that in just a moment, Austin had found that all of his vital energy had been sucked out of him by that thing in side of him. Now, that thing looked strange, with no definite shape, and glowing with a bright light.

Austin regretted wasting his vital energy in his desperation and felt like crying.

He blamed himself deeply for having bothered that damn thing with his vital energy. It was a risk and it hadn't paid off.

It had taken him great efforts to get back to the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm. But now, all of his vital energy had been snatched from him in one sudden moment. Did he have to start over again?

The very thought of this was unimaginable and Austin could not help feeling a little desperate.

"No! I am never going to give in. I am going to get rid of this thing."

Without a second's delay or hesitation, he took out an earth spirit fruit, thrust it into his mouth and swallowed frantically.

Just as the fruit went down his throat, it released a large amount of vital energy into his veins, energizing him, albeit for an instant.

The object in his elixir field immediately sensed the vital energy and it created another strong suction.

In an instant, the vital energy of the earth spirit fruit was forced towards the elixir field and absorbed by that strange thing once again.

Having no alternative, and getting more and more frantic by the minute, he put another earth spirit fruit into his mouth without hesitation.

But it amounted to the same thing once more. The vital energy was immediately absorbed by that damned thing.

Then he continued to take the third earth spirit fruit…

The fourth earth spirit fruit…

Then the next one. He had already taken five.

Then the sixth earth spirit fruit…

Finally, when he had stuffed the seventh earth spirit fruit down his throat, the released vital energy poured into his veins, gurgled around and finally fell into the elixir field where it stayed this time and was not absorbed by the thing.

Not until then did he recover and regain his strength. The sudden scare had almost made him breathless and it took a few seconds for his breathing to go back to normal.

Austin heaved

rious roar, Austin's spiritual soul also appeared in his Soul Sea, pouncing on the little monkey violently. He had half a mind to wring its neck there and then but was curious too.

Therefore, he hit the little monkey's spiritual soul heavily with a punch and threw him far way at once.

"This is impossible! How could your spiritual sense be so strong!"

the little monkey exclaimed. His voice was full of panic now as if something terrible had happened and he no longer looked like the arrogant bastard as before.

He had just behaved in a defiant way, talking as proudly as a cock.

Now, however, he was suddenly showing a picture of confusion and nervousness.

The truth was, although the little monkey used to be very powerful some time ago and there were very few people indeed who could match him in strength and spirit throughout the whole Prime Martial World, right now, at that moment, his strength was only at the level of Earth Realm

while the spiritual sense of Austin was surprisingly, at the level of the Mysterious Realm. Austin had already been able to release his spiritual sense and his strength was clearly superior to the little monkey who was only a remainder of a lost spiritual soul.

In fact, the little monkey was the same great ape who had fought fiercely with the other three monsters in the depths of the Grand Desolation Mountain. During that fight, he had been almost overpowered and had to resort to a forbidden martial art at the expense of his blood essence in order to finally escape the pursuit of other monsters. This, however, had cost him.

His body was destroyed, leaving only his spiritual soul behind and he would have been obliterated very soon.

Even his spiritual soul had almost fallen into oblivion. But fortunately, the six earth spirit fruits which Austin had consumed after being taken by him had saved his life in time.

What was ironic was that even though the original remainder of his soul would have vanished between the Earth and the Heavens if Austin had not saved him, he was still hell-bent on getting rid of Austin until just now.

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