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   Chapter 54 Coming Back Home

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Being a zealous and well-prepared martial arts cultivator, Austin was about to start his training.

However, a loud voice echoed across Beast Mountain.

"I am Theon from Sun Sect. Unusual phenomena have been reported in the Grand Desolation Mountain. All outer disciples from Sun Sect are required to leave the mountain as quickly as possible and return to headquarters. Any outer disciple who violates this direct order will be expelled from Sun Sect."


The name sounded familiar to Austin, but he couldn't quite remember the person.

All outer disciples who were practicing martial arts in the Beast Mountain knew the name.

"Theon, the Sect Leader, has come here," somebody whispered.

Theon was the leader of Sun Sect. He controlled everything and was respected by all the disciples.

As the words were said, a distinguished, middle-aged man glided overhead. He radiated a commanding aura as he stood on a white disc that glimmered in the light as it flew past.

The expression on the faces of the outer disciples that had caught a glimpse of Theon conveyed the awe they felt for him.

He was admired and respected by both, inner and outer disciples, as well as cultivators and ordinary people.

It seemed that the battle occurring on Grand Desolation Mountain had drawn the attention of high level cultivators. It must be significant enough for the leader of Sun Sect to investigate it personally.

Long after Sect Leader Theon had flown past, the disciples were still gaping in his direction. They had the rare opportunity to see their Sect Leader, and each disciple was filled with a sense of admiration.

They wondered if and when would they acquire abilities equivalent to their Sect Leader's. Perhaps they would never achieve such a high level.

Their Sect Leader's orders couldn't be defied.

On top of that, Sect Leader was flying overhead, supervising the retreat.

Within an hour, all disciples of Sun Sect had left the mountain.

To display their capabilities before Theon, the disciples used their best skills when withdrawing from the mountain.

Austin followed orders as well. He used his martial arts to leave Beast Mountain.

However, to hide from Marvin, Austin had gone deep into the mountain to practice.

Since ordinary disciples weren't capable of protecting themselves from second-grade diabolic beasts, they couldn't risk going deep into the mountain. Austin was different. He could afford to venture into the mountain.

When it was time to leave, Austin was further away than the other disciples. Hence, he fell behind and couldn't catch up with them.

He used the Wind-commanding Skill to move forward as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, a red light appeared.

It was headed straight for Austin!

He hadn't been expecting such a thing and hence, foun

as a Sun Sect disciple.

Having reached the sixth level of the Energy Gathering Realm was a significant accomplishment during his training on the Beast Mountain.

Before he journeyed to the mountain, Austin had reached the fourth level. However, after a dozen days of practice on the mountain, he had climbed two more levels. This was an unprecedented achievement at Sun Sect.

Austin wasn't satisfied with his progress because he had been at the ninth level three years ago. So, he had to find other effective ways to get to higher levels.

If Austin hadn't wasted those three years, he would be a revered cultivator of the Earth Realm.

The thought depressed Austin. Now, even his gains from Beast Mountain couldn't cheer him up.

Therefore, as soon as he finished sorting his items, he started to practice his martial arts.

Austin sat down with his arms crossed before his body and concentrated. Then, he used the Purple Yang Formula.

Immediately, he could feel the vital energy flowing inside his Elixir Field.

A frown appeared on Austin's face when he felt as though there was something strange inside his Elixir Field.

Then, he found himself capable of seeing his Elixir Field clearly, which was unexpected.

A palm-sized shining substance was lying inside his Elixir Field for unknown reasons.

It looked extremely strange. It wasn't made of iron, copper, jade, or timber. Austin had no idea of what this substance was.

It was hanging there in his Elixir Field, with gentle and warm lights. It seemed to have those special capabilities of calming a worried mind and cheering people up.

Besides, some ancient, mysterious, and complicated lines were seen on its surface. It must come from ancient times. Perhaps it existed even before any people had ever lived on Earth.

This was... What was it?

Austin was confused, surprised, and a bit afraid.

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