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   Chapter 53 Four Powerful Animals Fight For The Treasure

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8220

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At the same time, the Grand Desolation Mountain turned into a battleground for this fierce fight.

A dark, boundless forest surrounded the mighty mountain.

An enormous ape bathed in red fire trod the forest with his face towards the sky.

It was impossible to describe just how huge he was. The dreadful aura emanating from him was suffocating.

Strong and powerful as he was there were wounds all over his body.

The flesh on his body was lacerated, and he was bleeding. You could even see some of his bones through the exposed flesh.

Blood poured out of the wounds and formed a river beneath him.

A giant black bird was perched on a hilltop nearby.

He glared at the huge ape with his deep, green eyes and spoke like a human.

"Ape, why are you prolonging your suffering? Give me the treasure and you can escape death. Why do you want to lose your life because of a treasure that you don't know how to use?" he reasoned.

The huge ape stared menacingly at the black bird, his large eyes failing to conceal his murderous intent.

Because it was this black bird who had caused some of the grave wounds on his battered body.

"Huh? Do you take me for a fool? Any treasure from the fairy tomb can shake the world. How can it be useless? You are afraid that I will be more powerful than all of you and rule this mountain once I get the treasure," claimed the enraged ape.

Suddenly, two bright, red lights aimed right at the black bird shot out from his golden eyes.

When these lights flashed, everything evaporated and turned to nothing, and even the atmosphere changed.

"You are so stubborn, ape. We shall see how far you can persist," challenged the black bird.

He flapped his wings, churning up a dark fog, and an overwhelming black light began to spread from his body.

The evil black light slowly engulfed everything until even the heavens turned dark.

Slowly the black light transformed into an illusory black bird so huge that it filled up the entire sky. This surreal bird raced to the two red lights.

Bang! The illusory black bird collided with the two red lights.

Countless mountains collapsed below.

The earth burst open and the ground broke into hundreds of massive cracks, which spread like a spider's web.

The boundless forest was destroyed by this terrible clash.

Birds and beasts were rooted to the spot in shock. They didn't try to escape hoping they would be lucky and

was so small that he could stand in a human's palm.

The burnt blood now turned into a strong, red air mass, wrapping tightly around the mini monkey.

It all happened in an instant.

The giant black bird was petrified at first but he quickly came to his senses.

"Damn it. The monkey is going to run away. Stop him quickly," he said, panicking.

No sooner had he uttered these words than the red air mass melted into the bright red light.

It flew ten thousand miles away at a horribly high speed.

The three powerful animals were stunned.

The huge ape had risked his life to perform an extremely dangerous magic in order to flee.

'It seems the monkey doesn't want to be alive, ' they mused. "Don't let him go!"

The black bird flapped his wings and cast a spell of his own.

Turning himself into a black light he chased the monkey at high speed.

The green flood dragon and the large lion also muttered secret incantations and turned into two lights.

They chased the red air mass so fast that it was all just a blur in the sky.

Austin watched the entire battle in the sky from the depths of the Grand Desolation Mountain.

After about four hours, the clash ended. The angry sky gradually calmed.

Still reeling from this encounter, Austin was filled with emotion, his blood boiling.

"I, too, will have such powerful strength someday and join such a fierce battle," he vowed.

He was charged with this idea buzzing inside his head for a long time before he finally calmed down.

"I'm going to toughen myself and become more powerful!"

Austin made a decision immediately.

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