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   Chapter 50 A Smart Diversion

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When Marvin saw the distance between Austin and himself was narrowing, he was overjoyed. In an attempt to upset Austin, now and then, Marvin taunted him.

'Wow! Marvin is one persistent guy!'

Austin determined. Since he couldn't change it, he ignored Marvin completely and focused on escaping instead.

"Boy, you won't get away! You should just give up. If you hand over the earth spirit fruits now, perhaps I'll spare your worthless life."

"You want my earth spirit fruits? Then go get them yourself!" snapped Austin over his shoulder as he leaped over a massive row of thorny undergrowth. After landing on the other side, Austin realized that his body's vital energy would be depleted soon.

There was a loud bang from behind Austin which sent thick twigs and leaves flying through the air as Marvin began trudging through the brambly thorns!

Thorny branches and twigs that blocked his way, shattered, whizzing into the sky when Marvin's potent vital energy collided past.

As he made his way through the underbrush, a long passageway right down the middle was created.

"Crash! Crush! Smash!"

Rather than go around the boulders blocking Marvin, he slammed into them!

The large stones instantly disintegrated and dusty rubble was all that remained.

"Hey, you don't need to be so desperate, do you? It's no big deal! Just a few fruits!"

Austin called out over his shoulder as he continued trying to put more distance between himself and his fearsome pursuant.

A few steps more and Austin saw a swamp come into view ahead of him.

He quickly scanned it with his spiritual sense and then, overjoyed, Austin beamed. He had a brilliant idea.

Picking up speed, Austin rushed at the swamp in the distance.

"Brat! We'll just see how much further you can get!" jeered Marvin, gnashing his teeth and drawing more vital energy to speed up.

In a flash, Austin was in the swamp.

"Ssh!" the noise of metal scraping leather reverberated as Austin unsheathed his sword.

There was a swoosh, when his vital energy imbued blade cut through the air as Austin thrust at floating driftwood.

He struck the wood with only one strike. Then, he turned and darted to the forest without glancing behind him.

Heart pounding, as his adrenaline raced through his veins with his blood, Austin ducked behind a towering cedar tree in the blink of an eye before continuing to flee farther into the forest.

"You should slow down, enjoy your run!" shouted Austin right before he vanished.

Behind him, in the swamp Austin had left a surprise for Marvin.


A low, dense, rolling noise from the bowels of the swamp, met with the water splashing followed by a grumble which made every leaf quiver, from the swamp to the forest.

Water and mud flew in every direction as the wood sprang to life and rose up.

Thick layers of sludge dripped from

Five disciples made up the group, and had been hunting at the Beast Mountain for more than ten days.

They were counting the treasures they'd gathered over the past few days while relaxing.

Looking at the beast cores, magic herbs and fruits they'd worked so hard to get, the group were in high spirits, and chatted amongst each other, laughing happily.

"Hey! Who is that?" asked one of them, indicating the direction Marvin approached from.

The others turned and caught sight of a figure in a dull white robe walking closer.

'It's Marvin Su!'

Everyone recognized him right away.

Marvin was the fifth top ranking outer disciples of the Sun Sect. Therefore, nearly every outer disciple knew him.

The five outer disciples were confused, but, quickly stood up and greeted him.

They were all looking questioningly at Marvin, wondering what brought him there so abruptly and what he wanted.

Having heard so many stories about disciples from their sect fighting other disciples over treasures earned on Beast Mountain put them all on alert.

After all, they'd obtained a large number of precious beast cores and magical herbs over the last few days.

"Hello, Brother Su! What a pleasant surprise meeting you here on Beast Mountain," said one of the young men as he cupped his hands in respectful greeting to Marvin. He seemed to be the head of the team of disciples.

Marvin remained silent, and looked surly as his eyes darted around, looking for something.

He flipped his palm up, revealing a yellow piece of paper that he pushed toward the young man.

At first the man stood there startled, but soon enough it clicked, and he reached out, taking the paper with both hands.

On the paper was a drawing of a boy who looked about fifteen, and was dressed like a disciple of Sun Sect.

"Have you seen this man in the last couple of days?" asked Marvin, his voice was deep and raspy.

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