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   Chapter 49 There's No Escaping

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Austin knew that even if Marvin didn't have strong vital energy, he couldn't easily break the latter's defense.

Furthermore, Marvin had a low-grade fairy weapon so Austin would have no chance to win if they ever fight.

"Runaway? But why should I? I had a hard time fighting those evil apes, so I won't be that silly to escape.

Do you know why I am here?"

Austin asked with a sly smile.

Suddenly, Marvin felt like something hit his brain.

Like there was an invisible needle pricking his brain and the pain was unbearable.

While he was distracted by the sudden pain, Austin said sarcastically, "You're not strong enough to stop me!"

With that, Austin moved toward the valley.

Marvin was shocked and angry at the same time. He shouted, "If you dare to enter the valley, you're dead!"

When Marvin recovered from the pain, Austin had already been several hundred feet away from him and was moving toward the valley with incredible speed.

Marvin was furious and went all out to go after Austin.

Austin was clear he was no match for Marvin for now so it would be best to avoid any unnecessary fight with him. Besides, his only purpose for coming to the Beast Mountain was to get the earth spirit fruits.

That was why he had taken out the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle to disturb Marvin's mind before rushing toward the valley.

As he went deeper the valley, Austin found the road was getting narrower. Brambles, swamps and jagged rocks of grotesque shapes were everywhere.

The view was also not clear because of the mist around.

The mist made the countless towering old trees along the valley look like giants looking down on him.

Austin rushed forward as swiftly as a giant bird skimming over.

'Fuck! How can he move so fast?'

Despite using the Wind-commanding skill, Austin was surprised to see Marvin catching up to him at a fast pace.

Austin just realized that the Wind-commanding Skill had a weakness. Although it could make him agile, it had no advantage in speed when it came to the long-distance running.

After all, such long-distance running required a lot of vital energy.

If a person didn't have enough vital energy, even if he was agile, his vital energy would dry out and his speed would decrease gradually.

Marvin seemed to have found out that too. He said with a smirk, "Let's see how far you could run!"

He then activated his vital energy

rds the exit of the valley without looking back.

However, Austin may have underestimated Marvin. The latter couldn't easily be distracted like that and he knew how to get himself back. Instead of fighting back the pain brought by Austin's Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, he tried to calm himself down and he gradually recovered his consciousness.

"Austin, I swear I will hunt you down and kill you myself!"

Marvin shouted. His voice echoed in the valley.

Suddenly, Marvin's body was covered in silver light and he ran in the direction that Austin went.

Sensing Marvin's incredible speed, Austin's face suddenly turned pale as if all the blood in his body was drained.

He summoned more vital energy and activated the Wind-commanding Skill to its full potential.

However, since he had been running for a long time, his vital energy was almost at its limit.

The Wind-commanding Skill required a great amount of vital energy. But since Austin had only reached level five of the Energy Gathering Realm in vital energy cultivation, there could be a chance that he could not use the skill effectively this time.

Marvin, on the other hand, had already reached level eight of the same realm.

And because of the difference in their realms, only a few hours, Marvin was already catching up to Austin.

"Do you seriously think you can run away from me just like that, Austin? Don't waste your time running because you can never escape me! Do you know what I will do if I catch you?

I'll slice off your flesh piece by piece! I'll make you regret coming into this world!"

Marvin threatened.

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