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   Chapter 48 An Unexpected, Deadly Assassination

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As the fears of the tragic, cruel battle began to disappear, a glint of eagerness shone in the eyes of the six teammates.

Naturally, they were excited to obtain the earth spirit fruit!

Eliminating the two evil apes meant the precious earth spirit fruit would be easy to get.

"The earth spirit fruit should be about a mile from here, hidden. If the steward gets there ahead of us, all our efforts will have been for naught! So, we need to get a move on it and pick some!" reminded Austin, looking at the other five bruised and tired people.

Mindy was applying medicine to William and George's injuries.

Ralf took a cyan colored bottle out, tipped it, allowing a pill to spill out, and popped it in his mouth before he sat on the ground and crossed his legs. Closing his eyes, he utilized his vital energy to hasten the pill's absorption.

After that, he skillfully reset his fractured bone which had been broken by the female evil ape.

Realizing his comrades were hurt seriously, Austin shook his head. He asked," Do you need my help?"

"No! Thanks anyway!" stated Mindy with a small smile of gratitude at his kind offer.

Since she, William and George knew each other a long time and wanted to be part of the Beast Mountain trials, they had formed the hunting team.

Some disciples opted to form groups of five, six, while others included over a dozen members.

But, Mindy's team was made up of only three members. What made their team mightier than the ones that had twelve members even, was that the base level of their vital energy was powerful.

Originally, it was the trio who launched the Evil Ape Hunting Team.

After hearing about it, Ralf, Marvin and Austin joined them.

William and George glanced up at Austin, the gratitude in their eyes silently thanking him. As a salute, Austin nodded in return.

Austin believed that these three were genuinely sincere in how they dealt with him.

While everyone else was busily tending wounds, Marvin retrieved his jade fan. He strolled casually, as if there was no rush.

"Oh yeah, that's right! The evil apes should have beast cores. Austin, since you made the greatest contribution to killing the apes, it's only fair for you to take the cores," suggested Marvin out of the blue.

The rest of the group members nodded in agreement with him.

Mulling it over, Austin determined, 'Although beast core from a diabolic beast is second grade and not a big deal in comparison to the earth spirit fruit, they are worth a small fortune.'

After he'd thought it over and determined he could add a little more funds for his cultivating resources, Austin accepted Marvin's offer.

So, he went over to the evil ape corpses, d

g how fast and nimbly Austin moved, Marvin decided to kill him first.

"Run Austin! He's too strong for you!" warned Mindy anxiously. During the hunting expedition, she had good feeling about Austin.

Austin was slightly surprised as Mindy pulled secret, defensive weapon out.

'What's going on? Suddenly, everyone has secret weapons? When did they become all the rage?' wondered Austin.

Looking into Marvin's murderous eyes, a small grin formed on Austin's lips.

"You become so greedy at the thought of riches that forget righteousness, and slaughter the disciples from the same sect. Aren't you afraid that the sect will hunt you down?" demanded Austin angrily.

Marvin's actions disgusted Austin.

"Ha-ha-ha! Hunted by my sect?"

questioned Marvin laughing in an exaggerated and delirious manner, like someone had told a hilarious joke.

"Boy, are you that naive? Do you genuinely believe that anyone from the sect would bother to investigate deaths during the Beast Mountain trials?

Where there are masses gathered, there are deaths. In fact, the sect accepted this as part of the trials a long time ago!" said Marvin mockingly.

What he said was true. Almost half of the disciples participating in the trials every year perished at the hands of their peers.

Killing others to rob them of their winnings was a frequent occurrence, while the sect hunting the murderers down never happened.

It seemed the sects just accepted this as how things were.

"Hey, it's impressive how skillfully you escaped before. But, I don't think you will be able to get away this time!"

As Marvin spoke, he slipped into a position that blocked the valley's entrance.

Austin knew his ability to move wasn't bad, but his base level of vital energy was rather too low compared to Marvin's.

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