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   Chapter 46 Hunting The Evil Apes (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-05-28 03:22

Austin activated his spiritual sense and instantly knew the exact movements of the evil ape. He could easily tell its attack from all directions.

With the Wind-commanding Skill, he moved quite swiftly like a leaf in the wind, flashing from left to right as if he was disappearing and reappearing. As a result, he was the most relaxed of the six.

Brandishing his shining sword, Austin skillfully and smoothly performed the Cloud Swordsmanship, striking the ape more than a dozen times in succession. And each time, the evil ape was stabbed in the rough part of the flesh causing blood to ooze from the wounds.

This scene impressed everyone including Marvin and Ralf because they hadn't hit the ape yet. All they did was dodging the ape's attack.

Austin's attacks didn't do much damage to the evil ape but at least it got disturbed.

His uncanny bodily movement skill enabled him to be unusually agile and swift. Eventually, the evil ape began to take Austin as its greatest threat.


The evil ape let out a deafening roar, and the black energy gathered around its enormous claws rapidly. It temporarily abandoned its attack on the others and focused its attention on Austin.

Sensing the terrifying power of the evil ape, Austin flashed and moved to the left of the evil ape.

But the evil ape was quick to chase after him. It made a turn and charged at Austin again.

The powerful energy that came towards Austin pressed his vital energy slightly stagnant and unable to flow smoothly.

Austin groaned as he wondered why the evil ape just frantically chased him.

The other five started to realize what was happening.

Ralf rushed hastily to the back of the evil ape. As he was about to land on its back, he waved the white chain in his hands and immediately wrapped it around the ape's neck from behind.

The evil ape might have great strength, but it was weak in bodily movement skills. As soon as the white chain was winded around the ape's neck, it shrank and tightened automatically.

At this point, the rest of the team acted. William wielded his hammer and slammed it at the evil ape's head; Mindy raised her dagger and lunged at the ape's left breast; George took his sword which carried faint tiger's growls and cut the ape in the right rib.

Taking advantage of the opportunity that the evil ape pursued Austin only, the other five held their weapons and attacked the ape's

ve others, it didn't take them too seriously and thought it could kill or chase them away after a fight.

It never occurred to it that these human cultivators were extraordinarily powerful, and thus it was severely injured.

The two evil apes' hearts were interlinked. As the male evil ape roared, the female ape in the depth of the valley sensed it immediately, so, it rushed towards the male ape's rescue.

With its huge body making the valley shake with thunder, the grass and trees were broken as it passed through them, and smoke billowed in its path.

The animals and birds were disturbed. One could tell that even the animals feared the evil apes from the sound they were making as the valley shook.

The team immediately sensed the stir and knew that the other evil ape was coming.

But instead of fear, they felt overjoyed and were discreetly glad that the two evil apes were separated in the beginning.

If they had met the two evil apes at the same time, the six of them could already be defeated, or worst, dead. Judging from the strength of the male evil ape, there was no way they could win if they fought the two simultaneously.

Had it not been for Austin's uncanny ability to keep the evil ape at bay, the six might haven't pinned it down yet.

"Everybody, hurry up and kill this evil ape first. If the two evil apes join forces, it will be hard for us to handle them," Marvin urged.

He considered himself as the leader of the team.

Despite being annoyed, the rest of the team agreed to him at that moment. So, they all tried their best to attack the stricken male evil ape.

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