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   Chapter 45 Hunt Evil Apes (Part One)

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However, this was no easy task. Not only were the evil apes a couple, they could have been anywhere from the valley to the place where the earth spirit fruits took hold.

There was also the problem that they were several times stronger than the average level two diabolic beasts.

No one in the Evil Ape Hunting Team was actually sure that he would be able to fight them.

Most of the level two diabolic beasts were highly intelligent and it would have been big trouble indeed if the two apes were ready to ambush the team.

The idea kept them all on their toes.

Austin also released his spiritual sense, which allowed him to sense everything in a six-hundred-foot radius around him.

Along the way, there were no signs of the two evil apes.

After the team had ventured about a mile into the valley, they suddenly found that it was filled with a sort of milky mist. Everything looked hazy and there was a wet, damp smell in the air.

"Be careful, everyone! They could be hiding anywhere."

Ralf reminded the others coldly.

A few dozen meters forward, they saw that a heap of rubble lay behind some bushes.

Behind the rubble lay a hillside with green vines and a milky mist covering it.

Just as they were about to pass through the rubble, Austin suddenly stopped.

His spiritual sense felt that at a concave ground on the hillside shrouded completely by thick mist, and there was an evil ape with a pair of blood-red eyes staring at the team.

"Watch out!"

Austin warned loudly. Right now, they were all in the same boat, and since there were two of the apes, they could not afford to lose anyone.

Everyone was nervous. When they heard Austin's cautionary call, they instantly ran back a dozen steps.

As soon as they moved, the very ground they were standing on shook fiercely, as a huge figure rushed down with great momentum.

There appeared a three-foot-deep pit on the ground, with star-like cracks spread around it and out of the blue, a huge black evil ape materialized in front of everyone.

About six or nine feet tall, and completely covered in long jet-black hairs, the ape was a sight to behold and was surrounded by a cloud of scarlet miasma.

low-grade spiritual weapon of level one was a luxury for him to afford.

After taking out the trident, Marvin became a lot more confident and rushed towards the evil ape.

The rest of the team also besieged the beast. There were six people in the group and all of them were rushing around it, looking for an opportunity to strike.

Surrounded by the group which was completely dwarfed by its body, the ape had to face every sort of attack.

It clapped madly at the crowd with its huge palms, turning everything into a mess due to the shock wave.

The stones were stomped into pieces, and several stone pieces found themselves flying all the way over to the group.

In a short while, the ape had already been attacked by hammer, saber, sword, trident and chain, and a lot of vital energy had already filled the air.

No one dared to confront its attack head-on, though. They all tried to dodge away, and even if they couldn't avoid ape, they resisted its attack nonetheless.

All six of them were united like never before since they knew that their chances were slim already and if a single one of them got hurt, success would be farther away from them. Moreover, not only would they fail to get the earth spirit fruits, they would also be killed mercilessly.

Besides, there was probably another evil ape hiding somewhere, ready to attack them at any time.

So, as soon as someone was in distress, the others would try their best to save him.

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