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   Chapter 44 Join The Evil Ape Hunting Team

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Marvin believed that Austin's sword would stab him this time.

He was startled, and the violent vital energy emerged from his body. The light green light appeared on the surface of his body and formed a green vital energy shield.

It was a vital energy defensive method!

Looking at the momentum, Austin shrank in fear. It was challenging for a cultivator at the Energy Gathering Realm to cultivate this kind of method.

And such a martial skill was expensive. Even if ordinary outer disciples wanted to practice it, they didn't have enough contribution credits.

It was beyond his expectation that Marvin had practiced this skill. His strength couldn't be underestimated!

When Austin attacked Marvin with the long sword, he felt a strong, vital power pressure, and the power of his sword weakened.

It was difficult for him to stab. "Clang." The jade fan clashed with the long sword. The vital energy at the point of collision created an impact wave spreading that could be seen by the naked eye.

Austin felt as though a stronger power was leading the long sword in his hand. Fearful that the sword would be snatched from him, Austin panicked. The vital energy in his body flowed restlessly.

He hurried to take a step back and seized the chance to get rid of the anti-shock force. A blood streak appeared on his purlicue because of the shock.

Austin smiled bitterly. Although he was at the fifth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, his strength was barely presentable.


The scene astonished everyone.

This guy really had a thing or two. All people, including Marvin, became serious.

Others also saw something unusual.

A grunt disciple could not only dodge easily but also hit back under the violent attack of a powerful outer disciple.

At least it proved that this grunt disciple was not as weak as they had imagined.

Lara bit her lip as she couldn't believe what she had seen.

"You surprise me with your skills. You can dodge quickly. But you are not qualified to show off in front of me."

Seeing that Austin was more capable than he had thought, Marvin became more cautious. He spoke with Austin in a cold tone.

In the next instant, the vital power emerging from his body became twice as strong.


have to fight two diabolic beasts at the second level. Even if inner disciples join them, they probably won't be able to deal with the creatures. These outer disciples are courting death."

The comment was not short of envy or satire.

A short while later, the news spread.

"I hear that the last guy to join the Evil Ape Hunting Team is a grunt disciple."

For a while, everyone was silent. The uproar continued as they clamored to share their opinions.

"Haha, are you foolish? Do you believe that? A grunt disciple! How can Marvin and Ralf allow a grunt disciple to join them? If it is true, I can also join the Evil Ape Hunting Team."

"Right. The person who is creating confusion by spreading the rumor must be jealous because he didn't qualify to join the team."

Nine out of ten people who heard the news didn't believe it.

In the valley full of thorn bushes and vines, six people advanced quickly. A few small animals scattered out of hiding when the team rushed past them.

The dense towering trees on both sides covered the sky and sun. As a result, it was darker in the valley than on the outside. It was gloomy and cool, like a land of idyllic beauty, with mottled sunshine reflecting on the ground through the tree cracks.

As the six people entered the valley, they slowed their pace to move forward cautiously.

According to the description of the only surviving member of the previous hunting team, the earth spirit fruit was about two miles away from the valley entrance.

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