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   Chapter 43 A Conflict With Marvin

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After hearing Herbert's news, Austin rushed right over.

On his way there, he had a run in with two monster beasts that were level two, and still arrived just when the Evil Ape Hunting Team was gearing up for some action.

When Austin showed up in front of them, they were all surprised. However, instead of saying anything, they glanced suspiciously at Austin.

They were wary of Austin because his true strength was not known.

It wasn't that long ago that the team had turned away a lot of underachievers who wanted to join.

It made no sense to include weaker members when what they needed were people with real strength.

The consensus was that the only ones qualified to share the earth spirit fruit they would reap were those who showed real strength.

"He's the grunt disciple we met at Beast Mountain!" said Lara.

She was sarcastic when Austin handed the Jade Badge to the mountain keeper.

Even though she hadn't seen him in a long time, and Austin was tanner now, Lara recognized him immediately.

The grunt disciple?

When Lara referred to him like that, everyone else realized who Austin was.

As Austin looked at each of them, he was met with sneering, disdainful and even angry expressions.

The disdain Marvin felt towards Austin wasn't a secret as he said sarcastically, "Boy! What do you think we're here for? To play some game? We're going to kill the diabolic beast! The diabolic beast! Do you even know what that is? Huh? Aren't you afraid those evil apes will finish you with one bite?"

Marvin glared scornfully at Austin.

"Get out of here! Go fuck yourself and leave us alone!" snapped William angrily while he waved his huge palm in Austin's direction, dismissively.

Ralf stared at Austin coldly but didn't speak. Mindy and the others scoffed at Austin too.

Apparently, they all thought Austin was stupid and didn't know what was happening.

They were the five strongest outer disciples, so they were insulted that a grunt disciple thought himself good enough to join them.

"You want to join us? Bah! Look at yourself. You are nothing but a grunt disciple. You are good for nothing but the menial chores. Don't you know your limits? What a fool you are!" scorned Lara maliciously, frowning contemptuously.

With Austin there, Lara was suddenly grumpy.

"Shut-up!" said Austin callously. As his words were clipped out, he moved, and was right in fro

aring at Austin, Lara knew he was about to die at Marvin's hand. At the thought of that, she couldn't help smiling gleefully.

"You're going to regret your arrogance, you dolt!"

roared Marvin.

The dragon darted through the sky, swooping down on Austin. However, he still stood steadfast, which stunned everyone.

Could it be that Marvin's aura terrified the grunt disciple so much that he was frozen to the spot and unable to dodge?

But, right before the dragon impaled him, Austin evaded it, quickly, yet peculiarly.

Being surrounding by the violent wind caused by Marvin, Austin's body suddenly became weightless. He wafted through the air like a lifeless remnant.

Although the dragon was cutthroat, it failed to pierce Austin or even brush his clothes.

Marvin threw attack after attack, and each one was stronger and faster. But Austin was faster, and dodged every one of them. Consequently, Marvin's attacks failed, proving to be nothing.

Having defended against all of Marvin's attacks, Austin smiled confidently as he prepared to take the offense.

"Swish!" cutting through the silence, Austin's sword slashed as he skillfully wielded it, slicing the air in front of Marvin gracefully.

All five members of the Evil Ape Hunting Team recognized the Cloud Swordsmanship, which was the second grade swordsmanship.

Any outer disciple with enough credits could trade this swordsmanship for practicing. After all it was not such a rare martial art form.

Even so, Austin's movements were natural, flowed flawlessly, and fully demonstrated the Cloud Swordsmanship's charm and grace.

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