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   Chapter 42 Just In Time

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In the woods in front of the entrance to the valley, the people that had gathered here in the past two days all belonged to the Evil Ape Hunting Team, except for the several men who were familiar with the outer disciples with great strength and chose to stay somewhere else just to watch how the scene would unfold.

Their strength was absolutely at the top-level among that of the disciples who came to the Beast Mountain to get experience and toughening.

A member of the Evil Ape Hunting Team seemed to be growing impatient as he walked back and forth in the woods. He had a strong body build and looked fierce with a pair of huge purple gold hammers on his back.

"I think no one else is coming. Those people are all cowards! We can just go straight to the valley to kill those two evil apes ourselves, then carve up those earth spirit fruits."

His name was William. Aside from his innate great strength and fierceness, his cultivation base also reached level six of Energy Gathering Realm, which made his combat effectiveness amazingly high.

There were five full members of the Evil Ape Hunting Team in the woods at that moment. But they still needed one more to form a group of six. The plan was that the group would be divided into two subgroups with three members each to handle one evil ape.

They waited the whole day and night but still failed to find the sixth qualified member.

Many had applied to be the sixth member through self-recommendation. However, none of those met their requirements, so they were sent away rudely.

"Humph! You just want to flaunt your superiority. You know very well that those two evil apes are quite strong! Say we find the sixth qualified disciple to join our group then proceed with our plan, there's no assurance that the six of us can handle the two evil apes! So, what will happen if we go there with just the five of us? That's suicide!"

A young girl in a neat leather skirt said. Her name was Mindy.

Her tight clothing emphasized her petite body and alluring curves.

She had bronze-colored skin that looked healthy, and she was oozing with wild sex appeal. Mindy was like a little female leopard filled with explosive power.

"Ha ha, it's just a casual remark."

William didn't get mad at Mindy but agreed blandly. He seemed somewhat eager especially when he made eye contact with her.

He had a special feeling towards Mindy.

"Ha ha, Brother William is not completely wrong. We shouldn't wait any longer. If the stewards of the sect arrive, we will all have to stand aside. We might not get a chance with th

et with an evil ape, they might survive and have a chance to run away instantly.

The plan might work better if there were three disciples with the strength at this level in a subgroup. It might not promise success, but at least they would stand a chance.

This was the reason why they waited all this time to form a team of six.

However, they abandoned that plan and decided to move forward with only the five of them for the fear of the people of the sect coming in and taking all the earth spirit fruits.

According to the first outer disciple who escaped from the valley, there were more or less twenty earth spirit fruits in the valley.

These fruits could be exchanged for twenty thousand or thirty thousand vital energy crystals.

And for an outer disciple, having several hundred vital energy crystals was already a fortune.

A person who possessed over a thousand vital energy crystals could already be considered as a moneybag.

It seemed as if a large amount of cash equivalent to twenty thousand or thirty thousand vital energy crystals was placed in front of them. With their eyes on the prize, the five members of Evil Ape Hunting Team were ready to go into the valley.

Their greed overpowered their reasoning, so despite the dangers, they would go into the valley and try their luck in killing the evil apes.


The other four agreed with Marvin.

"Hello everyone! I am here to apply for Evil Ape Hunting Team. I hope I am not too late."

As the five members were about to set off for the entrance to the valley, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them just at the moment when the branches and leaves of trees trembled.

And that figure was no other than Austin himself.

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